Tuesday, March 01, 2005


My computer is such a big part of my life; I was really sad when it broke.  Thank you all for your sympathy.

The Story of Dr. Jase Compenstein

Being the computer geek that I am, I decided to give my computer an autopsy to salvage any working parts before purchasing replacement pieces.  As a tear rolled down my cheek, I decided that while I was in there, I might as well do some investigating to determine the cause of death.  With some deduction and a little luck, I was able to resurrect my baby!  Happy days are here again!  Read in geeky detail how it was fixed [+/-]

The problem was the CPU fan wasn't getting enough power, making the CPU overheat and shut down.  The side effect of low power is a 'Whhhrhrhrhh'ing noise.  The cause could have been (1) the motherboard, (2) the fan itself, or (3) the powersupply.  I was about to purchase all new parts during work but decided to take inventory of what I already had in terms of my graphics card and RAM (older parts might not be compatible with newer ones, so it's best to check).

While I had my tower open, I decided I could test the motherboard.  The cpu fan is normally plugged into the motherboard - so the alternative was to plug the cpu fan into an another powersource.  My tower has two other fans, so I just swapped plugs.  Turned it on and the cpu fan purred like a kitten!  Of course, the problem now is that one of the other fans is not getting enough power - but I'll take that if it means my cpu doesn't overheat!

And if you read this, I commend you for your dedication to my asinine writing - an autographed naked picture of me will be sent to you soon.  If you understood it, you can also consider yourself a computer geek.  High five!

... and kicking!

So now that my computer is up and running again, I'm able to continue downloading porn.  But we don't care about that, right?  We care more about my weekend at the GLBT Expo and all those pictures I promised before!  Read more [+/-]

As I mentioned before, I volunteered to help Out of Bounds (OoB) with their table.  Inspired by the athleticism of the organization, I decided to go to the gym beforehand, only to realize as I was heading into the city that weekend train schedules were in effect.  I ended up being 40 mins late, but luckily no one seemed to notice (or care).

Knowing nothing about OoB (Confession: the reason I volunteered was so I didn't have to pay admission to the Expo), I devised my own sales pitch about the organization which seemed to impress OoB Vice President and Co-Founder, Jeff Kagan.  Brownie points!

After paying my dues, I walked around the Expo with Crash, who also volunteered for OoB.  I was absolutely amazed that there were so many homos in a big room that didn't involve a big disco ball and flashing lights!  Even more so, I was amazed at the diversity of companies, groups, and organizations represented at the Expo.

I expected the mags (Genre, Instinct, Next) and 'service' companies (Rentboy.com, DirtyBoyStudios.com, Manhunt.net); but there were also banks (Citibank, HSBC), radio stations (Z100), and even Starbucks was there promoting their new drink, Chantico (90% chocolate, 5% milk, 5% sex).  There were social groups, travel agents, and lobbyists, oh my!

What were my favorite memories from the Expo (aside from the company I kept)?

1. Getting my copy of Trouble Boy (Thanks Michael!) signed by Tom Dolby.  If only I could get a certain famous author's autograph, my collection would be complete.. oh and him too.

2. Being cruised, then handed 20 free passes to The Web.

3. Taking a picture with naked boy.  I asked if I could pour my Chantico on him (seriously, if you've ever had it, you'll know it's definitely a candidate to be used during bedroom - or kitchen - activities).  He agreed, but only if I licked it off of him!  The only response I could come up with was to giggle.  Hee!


Jess said...

Let's back up to the computer-related part of the post. You repaired it yourself?

While that's very industrious, it's so geeky that it's scary! :)

I am compelled to point out that I read the whole post. So get the naked photo in the mail! ;)

Jon said...

Citibank, the bank of queens! That damn Chase seems to be favorable with the carpet munching bull dykes. Anyway, cute pics, and I'm very impressed that you could fix it yourself! If it was me, I'd be on the phone with customer support, probably speaking to someone who barely speaks English, debating if I should fork over the dough and buy a new one.

GrooveTheory said...

Honey, I'm a computer geek too, but I hardly have the time to fix a damn pc. I do it that at work. I'll just get a new one :) LOL We get paid fairly well :D J/K EVERYONE!

re: OoB ... LOVE IT! j'adore it! Wanna go next year! I have Jonas Morecock DVD ... TOO FUNNY!

Steven said...

i'm assuming you don't have a macintosh. I read it all. and I dont need a stinkin' picture. I already have a naked pic of you. Ha!