Monday, August 30, 2004

A Nice Weekend

A Nice Weekend

Ends with me spending a lot of money.

Welcome back Elaine! Too bad you're leaving tomorrow :( On Saturday, a whole bunch of us took Elaine out for dinner. Mediterranean cuisine - more like Expensiterranean, considering it came out to $300 for seven people. The food was so-so at best. What the hell was Ramin thinking? (and if you know me, you know I'll take a stab at it):

Ramin's thought process: "Oh damn, Carmine's is totally booked, I guess I should have called a week ago instead of 7 hours before. How about thi.. no.. booked too.. what about.. nope, booked. Damn, hmm.. I know! Hell's Kitchen! let's find the most expensive restaurant there! There'll be plenty of room there because everyone else knows that Hells Kitchen is full of bodegas and fast-food, cat-serving chinese food!"

The price was just half of it. Unnecessary drama filled the first part of the day. I get a phone call around 5:30pm saying that Elaine wouldn't be able to go to dinner. Mind you, this is 2 hours before dinner starts. Thanks Elaine's overbearing monster, the next 1 1/2 hours was utterly phone call drama madness. Cell phones and house phones ring constantly as related parties try to think up backup plans. Korean!? Persian?! McDonalds?! We really wanted to see her! Finally, I decide to put my foot down and I force everyone to go to that god-forsaken restaurant that Ramin suggested.

Anyway, a huge Thanks! to Jae and Rob! I'll do my booty shake for you anytime. The party at the "Frying Pan" was cool - bore witness to a few strange events though. Desperate Asian guys. Desperate black brothers. Desperate white dudes. Get my drift?

Dry. Spell

I've just finished Running with Scissors, and it is GOOD. I'm on Augusten Burroughs' second book, Dry. The first part of the book was captivating, and I don't expect the rest of it to disappoint.

I've been reading a lot of "memoir" books lately, and David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs tell the best stories; partly because they're either real, or based on real life events. Which makes me think - can I write a memoir? I even have my own twist: I'm Chinese!

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