Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last Post

So we end up at the last post of the year.  I suppose it's befitting that I make it one of those 'year in review' type posts or do a top 100 countdown list.  So let's get started!  Read more [+/-]

Ha!  You didn't think I'd do something that cliché, did you?  Don't answer that.

A lot has happened within the past year, and if I didn't have all these errands to run, I would summarize my year.  But before I go, Thank You for coming to visit my little bit of e-space, and a big hugs to everyone wishing me a Happy Queeriversary.  Ya'll really know how to make a girl feel special.  (I can now refer to myself as 'girl', right?)

Happy New Queer!

Korbel + Purity = Crazy Delicious!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

One Year Later

I came out one year ago, today.

So a Fabulous Fest-kwa-nu-mas to all, and to all a gay Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Isn't this Sacridiculous?

Did you hear about the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Pastafarianism?  It's Bobby Henderson's answer to the proposed teaching of intelligent design in public schools.  Read his hilarious, and life changing, open letter at

Wired News has this great interview with him about his upcoming book.  I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read Henderson's response about the '[intelligent design] nuts':

"[Scientists] need to be out there calling these people retarded all the time. Nonstop. The [intelligent design] people are winning because the scientists think if they ignore the issue, it will go away. Plus, I'm sure it would be therapeutic to make fun of the [intelligent design] people."

I totally agree!  Teaching creationism in a public school science classroom is ridiculous; and scientists need to speak up!

So make sure you take time during this holiday season to celebrate FSMas!  I hear the tradition is to have Italian.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

When Trains Stood Still

what MTA's new logo should be

I support unions.  I support collective bargaining.  I even support crazy wacked-out demands (knowing eventually they'll be toned down to something more reasonable).  But I don't support this strike.

It just gets me how ridiculous the Local 100 union leader, Roger Toussaint, is to call on a strike even though it's illegal and without the support of the parent union; plus they planned it during the time of year that it'll hurt people the most.  And then there's all those fines.  Who's going to pay for that?  The union members, that's who.

Did you know that transit workers made more money than teachers, firefighters and police officers? (quote from Mayor Bloomburg)

And because I live in Brooklyn, for the past two days I had to haul my ass 3.29 miles to work and back.

That might sound like I'm complaining, because I am.

But I recognize some redeeming factors:  I haven't been to the gym in a few weeks, so walking the 3 miles was welcomed.  The view from the Williamsburg bridge is amazing in the morning early afternoon.  The Red Cross had set up "disaster relief" triages at the ends of the bridges with free cookies and hot coffee/cocoa.  (Note to self: get some Nestle Dark Chocolate Flavor Hot Cocoa Mix.)

And now I know exactly how your grandpa felt when he walked 3 miles to and from work everyday, uphill, and in ten feet of snow.  Err, minus the snow part.

Delicious J. Tickle

Monday, December 19, 2005

Thoughts on Brokeback

In short, I liked the movie.

But in long (warning: I might mention parts that can be deemed 'spoilers')...

I don't see what the big deal everyone is making.  I've read many reviews of this movie from bloggers (both gay and straight), critics, bloggers who think they're movie critics, etc, and most of their reactions were not only that it was a good movie, but a great movie.

And then it dawned on me why.  It was because of my personal experience, and lack thereof.

Firstly, gay subject matter in the movie wasn't a big shock to me; like it was to the women in the audience.  Some of them 'eww'ed (quite audibly) the first time they kissed and it took all my power not to stand up and scream 'Grow the fuck up.  You're seeing the gay cowboy movie, what the hell did you expect?', but I didn't, because I'm a big boy now.  Then again, I've probably definitely watched more gay porn than most of those women.

I realized I was using gay porn as the basis for my comparison, not just because it was my fantasy to see Ennis and Jack get on all freaky hardcore (which Ang Lee miserably failed at doing), but because I'm a horndog.  But really it's because I haven't watched many other gay romance movies; is that why Brokeback Mountain is 'groundbreaking'?  Because it's made for mainstream?

Secondly, I haven't been in a relationship with another guy that was forbidden, and on that level, I didn't relate.  I guess that's one of the benefits of living in New York City.  Though I still don't know why the biggest liberal city in the world isn't on the forefront of gay rights and marriage.. don't get me started!

In the genre of forbidden love stories, I conjure into my mind Romeo and Juliet, but as a movie it wasn't as great as the epic, Titanic.

The reason why I loved Titanic was because of the great character development of the two characters, Jack and Rose, and I fell in love with both characters and how both characters fell in love with each other.  I didn't feel the same way with Brokeback Mountain; I wasn't convinced that there was a strong connection between Jack and Ennis (similiar to something I felt in Titanic).  Ennis was the silent, stoic type whereas Jack was more vocal about his feelings - this made it seem like a one-sided relationship and less believeable as a love story.

Their relationship was forbidden, and that in itself makes it a good basis for a tear-jerker; I got misty-eyed when Ennis learned what happened to Jack.  But are tears the main criteria for a 'great movie'?  I get the feeling some people (esp. gay bloggers) think so.  This was a good movie, but I wouldn't call it great.  But then again, I was comparing it to gay porn.  I think I'll go see it again, and probably get the DVD, if not to pick up some of the other themes and nuances, then to freeze-frame all three times they get naked.

Now you know what I think, am I going about this movie the wrong way?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Brokeback Manhattan

Brokeback Manhattan

This was (one of) my costumes for Halloween 2004.  I'm reposting it in honor of Brokeback Mountain.

I read the short story before I watched the movie.  My reactions to come.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Eternal Flame

Karaoke Closeup

One of my favorite karaoke songs.  Quite fitting if you ask me.

Karaoke, our favorite pasttime; aside from window shopping, eating in fancy restuarants, and dressing up for Halloween.  We went once more, last Friday, as a tribute to her time in America.  D. was going back to Sydney, Austrialia.

We sang 'our' song, "Pieces of Me" by Ashlee Simpson, neither of us being able to hit the right notes still.  This time, I think I'll blame the subpar food at Cooper 35 (redeeming value were their $4 drinks).

It was a grand ol' time.  As the night wore on, we sang tributes to D. causing her to tear up on more than one occasion:  "You Were Meant for Me" by Jewel,  "The Rose" by Bette Midler, "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, and my personal solo dedication, "Confessions Part II" by Usher.  I know, I can be so emotionally sadistic sometimes.

We sang our hearts out, she bawled her eyes out, and I hope our melodious tunes will carry her on cloud nine as she takes her one-way trip back to the Land Down Under.  Damn, now why didn't we sing that?

Have a safe trip back D.  You'll be missed.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This is the New Pink

Move Against AIDS Outfit

One of my outfits during Move Against AIDS Dance-a-thon (because it's required to have at least one outfit change during a high-profile event):  Me in my friends' free Wendy Williams baby-tee.  And the obvious question is, "Could I BE any more gay?"

But as the idiom goes, when in Rome... er.. how does it go?  (make sure you gay it up, too)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Know How to Work It

Note to all volunteers: When you sign up to volunteer, please realize that you're signing up to do work.

Sure, you get some benefits like a snazzy t-shirt, dibs at the free food, or a better chance to meet B-list celebrities.  Personally, I like to know I'm making a difference; even as I'm walking into restricted areas with my 'special clearance' status, munching on free snacks in my fancy 'Volunteer' t-shirt (which I didn't get this year because they ran out.  Yes, I'm still bitter).

Not to mention the 'official volunteer' power-trip.  "Ha ha! I'm a volunteeeeer, nyah nyah nyah!"  Not that I do that.

But hey, if I want to, I can; because I earn it.  You should have seen the snack table at the AIDS Dance-a-thon this past Saturday.  With me on display duty, I switched on my anal-self and got to work.  The supervisor commented that he'd never seen a more beautiful spread.  (Did I just.. never mind.)

To the volunteer couple who just stood behind the tables eating their burrito: take a hint from the woman with the broken foot sitting who still stood up from her chair to replenish snacks - do something!

To the volunteer brats who took a break to dance every five minutes (for half an hour!) to come back and sit behind the table to rest and snack on food: I'm glad the supervisor kicked your asses out.  If you want to dance, go dance, just don't come back and block our way.

It's all about selflessness and slyly taking advantage of your volunteer status to reap benefits... slyly!  If you can't play by the rules, don't play at all!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's December!

Today is World AIDS Day.

I will be volunteering again this year for Move Against AIDS: The crazy five-hour dance-a-thon that benefits GMHC.  And rumor has it that I will be performing.

Just kidding!  The extent of my performance will be juggling water bottles in the food area.  So if you're attending, stop on by and say 'Hi'; if you ask nicely, I might even give you a lil' squirt.

Since the holidays are coming up, here are some fun holiday links for your enjoyment: