Thursday, December 10, 2009

Uniqlo Meets Lady Gaga

Uniqlo Heat Tech DisplayOk, I'm totally obsessed with Lady GaGa now. I know I'm a little late jumping on this bandwagon, but (unbeknownst to me at the time) I've actually been dancing to her songs since last year in my cardio-video dance classes. The Fame and Money Honey specifically; neither of which I can go the entire day without listening to.

So when I saw this display at Uniqlo, I totally thought I stepped into a Lady GaGa video. Am I right? I would probably place it in... Teeth. (Omg, I love that song.)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Uniqlo's Secret Sauce

Here's a great article on Uniqlo and it's success..

"The brand is making exactly what people want, at prices that make them feel good."

Don't forget the fact they make XS for men! Something that's definitely made them (and kept them) THE go-to store for male fashionistas in New York City; and the reason why I must shop there (at least) once a week.

The Business of Fashion: Uniqlo | A Feel-Good Commodity

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Worlds AIDS Day

In recognition of World AIDS Day, google has some good resources on how you can help.

World AIDS Day info by Google

I consider myself lucky I have never been through the heart-ache, sorrow, sadness that many others have because of AIDS; and I hope to continue this lucky streak. Be safe ya'll, always.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Lessons

As the long weekend winds down, there are a few lessons I can take from Thanksgiving this year.

Firstly, having two Thanksgiving dinners in the same day is possible, but not recommended.

Secondly, Black Friday isn't what it used to be, and that should be approached as a challenge.

Thirdly, figuring out what you did on your iPhone the (drunken) night before isn't as fun or easy as it seems.

The End of the NightLastly, your boyfriend will take pictures of you when you're drunk. And you won't remember it.

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Ain't it funny how one person can do something and you think it's cute, and then someone else does the same thing and it's the most annoying thing in the world?

Of course it depends on the type of relationship you have with those people... but the complete dichotomy of reactions is fascinating to me.

Take for example one of my close girlfriends calling me a 'bitch'. I would laugh it off (you know, if I was too drunk to think of an appropriate come back). And yet some other, not so close, friend can say the same thing in the same way, and all that elicits from me is a side-ways stare (followed by an eye-roll).

That's usually my normal reaction when I decide to let things roll off my back. Just thought I'd share.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Yankees Win!

Yankees - World Champions 27 times over! It's amazing. Why? I don't know. I haven't watched any game this season.. heck, I haven't watched professional sports since I pretended to be straight back in college to impress some lacrosse boys.

But there's just something about the home team being on the cusp of winning the championship, eh? I mean besides the New York Red Bulls (soccer what?).

Congrats to them! Especially Hideki Matsui being MVP! GoGo Curry, here I come!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Day After


It's been a long time since I've gone.. stayed out until 3 in the morning - the time I didn't realize until I woke up today and found that I had updated my facebook status at that time.

That was fun.. the realization part; and what else did I realize? I fell up some stairs at some point (leading to a ankle swollen). And while I'm no longer in my 'early twenties', I can still party like it's 1999. (That's still hip to say, right?)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion Quote of the Day

"It's important not to take yourself too seriously; we are not finding cures for cancer. But even so, it is an applied art and important for people to feel good. It's something we all do, every day, after breakfast, we have to get dressed."

- Mary-Adair Macaire, CEO Pringle of Scotland


Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Revelation

I'm definitely spoiled.

The familiar feeling of entitlement I felt when I was a kid crept up and smacked me in the head a couple of times these past few weeks.

When I was young, it was all about toys, ice cream, and video games. Now, it's all about brunches, happy hours, and parties. In the past few weeks, I've been to a dinner and a show, a 'ladies brunch', and a birthday party so fabulous that I still have bruises.

And when they're over, and I'm at home nursing a hangover, that spoiled little kid inside perks up and complains... "It's just not fair! I want to have more fun! Why do I have to go home?!"

I let that little brat have his say, then remind him of the type of fun he has at home. That usually shuts him up.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mid-Vacation Thoughts

I love the beach. I love the sun. I love the skimpy swimsuits. I love the cute tan lines right above a hottie's booty.

I don't care for biking uphill, bugs, redneck tan lines, or the fake shit people project.

All in all, I'm having an amazing time in P-town. Now, if we can turn down some of the drama.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunning in the Park

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I'm glad at least there were some sunny days to enjoy.

Hopefully good weather will following me to P-town for my second annual "Trip to the Tip!" Unfortunately, it's not what it sounds like. Or is it?

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Tribute to the King of Pop

I really admired Michael Jackson. He inspired me to dance, which gave me a physical, creative outlet. So much so that I even participated in some dancing extracurricular activities in high school (dear god, please let no one have any evidence of that).

He was so prominent in my years growing up, here are some vivid memories that flashed through my mind when I heard of his passing...

  • watching Moonwalker when I was 10, over and over, imitating the moves in my tiny Chinatown studio apartment
  • singing Man in the Mirror in my cousins' living room, where part of one wall was all mirrors
  • debating how great Scream will be before it premiered in high school biology lab
  • trying to learn the choreography to Remember the Time, but not having a partner to do the 'couple moves'

Ah... good times. And not surprisingly, none of these memories are recent; cause even though I think his passing is tragic, the real Michael that I admired and aspired to be had long gone.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yay! My Birthday!

Yay!Yay! I had a great time!

Thanks to all those who made it out!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Now That I Think About It...

I really do hate house- and dog-sitting. More specifically, I hate the sacrifices I'm making.

With the dog walking/cleaning/feeding morning and night, I've given up much of my usual habits and hobbies.

For the past three weeks, I haven't had time to go window shopping after work; I've declined dinner and movie plans; I've left happy hours early.

Instead of doing all that, I'm picking up dog poo. But what bothered me the most was that I couldn't volunteer for the AIDS walk this year (after 6+ years).

From that, I've just realized that I love my freedom. Freedom from taking care of someone (or something) else; especially as regimented as a taking care of a dog. Being in a house so far from the city (and my entire wardrobe) just exacerbates the situation.

On the bright side, I've only two weeks left of this responsibility. Which leads into my birthday month. And it's Fleet Week.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Thoughts House-Sitting

Being here, in the middle of the suburbs house- and dog-sitting, there's a lot of time for me to reflect inward - there's not much to do when boiling water for ramen noodles. I've come to a few conclusions:

  1. I really like being near the city
  2. I'm glad I don't own a dog
  3. there's nothing good on cable
  4. hot dogs go well with ramen noodles
But most important of all, I've learned how dependable, and flexible, I can be: waking up at 7:30 in the morning to walk the dog, and leaving work and sacrificing weekends to do the same at night.

What's more surprising is that I'm not upset about having to do these 'chores'. Does this mean I'm grown up now? Hm.

With all this retrospecting, I'm more appreciative of the time I spend with my friends and, especially, my Boopy. Just look at how excited I am before we head to Adele's concert!


I hope I keep this optimism by the end of the month.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh Glorious!

Have you heard of J&D's Baconnaise? It's a bacon-flavored spread! And did you know you can actually order on I just put in an order; I'm so excited!

I wonder what the chances are that it will actually taste like bacon and not bacon-like.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yay for Iowa and Vermont!

Vermont legislates gay marriage! Iowa courts decide against discrimination! Yay!

On the topic of 'gay marriage', I still think that all legal (state/federal) documents should change the word 'marriage' to 'civil union'.

But if the "religious people" want to keep their "religious word" (which naturally draws in peoples' religious beliefs), then I support Vermont's change - hopefully everyone will see it's a legal (and civil rights) issue, not a religious one.

Fat chance, eh?

In the meantime, read this hilarious story about a woman who calls 911 over the lack of shrimp in her fried rice!

Hm.. shrimp, Leviticus, gays, and we've come full circle. Good night everyone!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

TopMan NYC Opens!

Flagging Us to Line #2All I could think about today from 10am to 1pm and then from 2:30pm to 4:30pm was how super hip British clothing brand TopShop/TopMan opens today and I was stuck at work. (I had an extended lunch with two fabulous beautiful black ladies. We decided that black people need to stop giving their kids white people names like Blair and Haley. And that my baby will be called Monique but pronounced moe-nee-kay.)

Cutting out of work at 4:30, I ran down to Soho, jumped on line (that wrapped around the block), waited for more than an hour standing behind a group of gossipy hipsters who bored the snot out of my nose, to be able to prance around the TopMan sales floor picking things and size up the clothes!

Blue tankLet me break it down:

  1. the styles are geared to a younger crowd - H&M should be worried
  2. most of the fabrics feel nice, not cheap
  3. it's actual European sizing, their XS fits me! American Apparel should be worried
  4. they have XXS for men
  5. normally a 29" waist, the 30" fits perfectly
  6. the pricing is closer to AA than Uniqlo - Uniqlo has nothing to worry about
  7. there were TONS of designer collaborations
  8. there are stuff in the store that's not online, and vice versa

I ended up with two baseball tees that fit amazing in XS, and two pieces of jewelry. I almost bought a cardigan but decided against it last minute.

I'm going back tomorrow.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Where are you? And why are you so hard to attain?

Wearing Opening CeremonyI just can't stop myself. With Uniqlo's amazing surprises: the collaboration with Opening Ceremony, denim sales, colorful undies, and now they sell packaged tanks in XS; I had promised myself not to spend any more money on clothes after my Burberry suit. That's now out the window.

Seriously, check out this neon yellow check shirt; if I didn't get it, I could never forgive myself. Heh.

And Top Man is opening in a few weeks! I can't wait!

Ah well -- what good are promises if you can't break them, right?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm on the Twitters!

So this whole digital social networking thing is really wreaking havoc on my blog. So is my job (goodbye midday postings - not that I'm complaining).

The latest thing I'm starting to get into is Twitter. I really like the ease of it.

Though what I've worried about is the access to stalkers it provides. And of course, (and totally indicative of how my mind works) I think that if you tweet about where you are, it broadcasts to people you're not home; and that's just like putting up a neon sign to would-be home robbers it's open season.

Of course, I know that's completely irrational since most people go to work 9-5 anyway.

But I digress. And now I tweet about it! By the way, check out this hilarious report on the Daily Show:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Alright! I passed another Valentine's Day without celebrating it!

Instead of giving in to the "peer pressure" where everyone expects you to celebrate your affection with your significant other (and buy into all that crap), I decided to celebrate my other love: shopping.

A day at Woodbury Commons; it was glorious. I fell in love all over again with John (Varvatos that is).

And even though I don't need a day to say this (and in no way does this mean I'm giving in to V-day), I love you boopsie!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beautiful Day

The weather today was nice and temperate. Thought I'd share this photo with y'all.

Temperate through a Camera Lens

It reminds me of warmer weather and makes me anticipate the arrival of Spring. Yay!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Chinese New Year OxGung Hay Fat Choy ya'll!

May the new year bring you luck, wealth, health, and happiness!

It's the year of the Ox and the horoscope for me seems prosperous, if I can recognize the opportunities and act upon them. Ugh.. when is it going to be a year when prosperity just falls into my lap?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fugu For You!

Happy Birthday to my boopy!

For his birthday, I took him to Bond St and had some amazing food, especially their sushi. The drinks were fabulous.

And what's a birthday without some danger and excitement? For that, I ordered the infamous... fugu! That's the poisonous pufferfish. Yes, poisonous!

It makes your tongue tingle as you eat it. Yum!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Bellini, Two Bellini...

Wow. Did I just spend the past weekend going to two all-you-can-drink(-if-you-can-get-their-damn-attention) brunches?

Yes. Yes I did.

And I learned a few things, too: (1) My friends love to drink. (2) Some are abusive drunks. (3) The others are just whores.

Or something like that. I won't tell you where I fit in.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Finally, It's Almost Over...

Navy Long JacketI'm referring to the holiday sale season. I have GOT to stop shopping.

After three trips to Woodbury Commons and multiple trips through New York City's Fifth Ave and Soho, I've probably bought five times as much stuff for myself than all the presents I bought for others combined! I guess someone has to keep the economy going. Hah!

But seriously, even though I'm being facetious, my heart goes out to everyone who's suffering from the recession. From all the bad news of deteriorating funds and suicidal billionaires to the families losing credit and their jobs.

Keep your head up guys. There's a silver lining there somewhere.