Friday, June 26, 2009

My Tribute to the King of Pop

I really admired Michael Jackson. He inspired me to dance, which gave me a physical, creative outlet. So much so that I even participated in some dancing extracurricular activities in high school (dear god, please let no one have any evidence of that).

He was so prominent in my years growing up, here are some vivid memories that flashed through my mind when I heard of his passing...

  • watching Moonwalker when I was 10, over and over, imitating the moves in my tiny Chinatown studio apartment
  • singing Man in the Mirror in my cousins' living room, where part of one wall was all mirrors
  • debating how great Scream will be before it premiered in high school biology lab
  • trying to learn the choreography to Remember the Time, but not having a partner to do the 'couple moves'

Ah... good times. And not surprisingly, none of these memories are recent; cause even though I think his passing is tragic, the real Michael that I admired and aspired to be had long gone.


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