Monday, March 23, 2009


Where are you? And why are you so hard to attain?

Wearing Opening CeremonyI just can't stop myself. With Uniqlo's amazing surprises: the collaboration with Opening Ceremony, denim sales, colorful undies, and now they sell packaged tanks in XS; I had promised myself not to spend any more money on clothes after my Burberry suit. That's now out the window.

Seriously, check out this neon yellow check shirt; if I didn't get it, I could never forgive myself. Heh.

And Top Man is opening in a few weeks! I can't wait!

Ah well -- what good are promises if you can't break them, right?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm on the Twitters!

So this whole digital social networking thing is really wreaking havoc on my blog. So is my job (goodbye midday postings - not that I'm complaining).

The latest thing I'm starting to get into is Twitter. I really like the ease of it.

Though what I've worried about is the access to stalkers it provides. And of course, (and totally indicative of how my mind works) I think that if you tweet about where you are, it broadcasts to people you're not home; and that's just like putting up a neon sign to would-be home robbers it's open season.

Of course, I know that's completely irrational since most people go to work 9-5 anyway.

But I digress. And now I tweet about it! By the way, check out this hilarious report on the Daily Show: