Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm on the Twitters!

So this whole digital social networking thing is really wreaking havoc on my blog. So is my job (goodbye midday postings - not that I'm complaining).

The latest thing I'm starting to get into is Twitter. I really like the ease of it.

Though what I've worried about is the access to stalkers it provides. And of course, (and totally indicative of how my mind works) I think that if you tweet about where you are, it broadcasts to people you're not home; and that's just like putting up a neon sign to would-be home robbers it's open season.

Of course, I know that's completely irrational since most people go to work 9-5 anyway.

But I digress. And now I tweet about it! By the way, check out this hilarious report on the Daily Show:

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