Monday, March 31, 2008

Ass Meets Snow

After nearly three years hiatus from the sport, I spent the weekend before last lying on the snow with a neon green green board strapped to my legs.

Enjoying the Snow

Oh, and there I am in the snow. See how happy I am?

That's because I haven't started snowboarding yet. Seriously, I think my ass got to spend more time with the snow than my snowboard.

I'm Fallin!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is it Fire-Jumping Time Already?

Has it been a year since I witnessed people jumping over a barbecue grill on my roof (and I can honestly say) for the first time?

I suppose so - a friend told me she was going to Fire Island for the fire-jumping event this year, part of the traditional Iranian New Year festivities. How apropos.

Wait, does jumping over homos even count?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Dressed In Green

This time each year, I wonder, "Do they really need another reason to drink?" and "Really? Green beer?"

And each year I see the mess of drunken masses trolling the streets of New York City in their kitschy green outfits and ornaments.

And each year, dressed in a fabulous green outfit - this year includes varying shades of forest, lime, and grass greens, I succumb to it all and have myself a green beer. Now if only I can find a drunk hot mess to troll around with.

Afternoon update: No matter how magically delicious these cuties look in their green jerseys, ball caps, and loose-fit jeans, they can't cover up their nervous energy of trying to find a bar that doesn't card; smelling like beer and urine doesn't help either.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

You've Got My Attention

The best thing about working close to a large transportation hub in New York City is that it's a marketers' dream; especially when it comes to handing out promotional samples.

Right next to the hawkers of the free news dailys (amNY, metro), unpaid marketing interns hand out free Kellogg's Special K bars, Dentyne Gum; I even saw Ugly Betty look-a-likes (complete with Guadalajara ponchos) handing out Ugly Betty mask!

Today's free promotional gift takes the cake. To promote the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, a series that I enjoy regularly, they were handing out packages of these.

Here's the link again in case you missed it.

Awesome, right?

Even enjoying my share of 'bizarre' foods, I don't know if I can handle my pack of Salt and Vinegar Crick-ettes.