Monday, November 01, 2004

Schizo-ween 2004

As the full moon rises over the metropolis, its inhabitants begin to transform into the wicked, the evil, the debauched. How I love Halloween in New York City.

I went to work on Friday wearing the yellow ruffled shirt I bought at the tag sale - though I didn't wear my full vampire costume. There was a company party, but I didn't attend because I felt uncomfortable, even though my supervisor didn't _not_ say I couldn't attend; such is the life of a consultant.

I had plans later anyway, "Pimps & Hos" costume party at the Roxy! Diana and I got dressed up:

I was trying to achieve the "I-Eat-My-Whores Pimp" look, you think I got it? Diana looked like a whore, no matter what century she said she was from (she was going for 18th century debutante or something). What I loved best about Friday was the stares I got walking down the street. "You can stop staring now. I know it's Friday and not Halloween; but some of us have parties to attend."

I'll refrain from berating the Roxy party.

Saturday was a rest day. After tutoring the 4th graders, I dragged Min and my sister towards Orchard towards this bakery which I couldn't remember the name of. I also couldn't remember the location either. All I remembered was that it was opened by people from Magnolia's. So that was going to be fun: exploring the city!

After a pitstop in Economy Candy, we ran into Sugar Sweet Sunshine. My god, these cupcakes are AMAZING. I had pumpkin with cream cheese icing - I had to stop myself from eating the wrapper. Dare I say it's better than Magnolia's? You gotta try it.

Later that night, I went to the movies with Ramin & Co. Team America is the funniest movie I've seen in a while. (Huckabees is a different kind of funny.) What else can you say about a movie with puppet copulation, regurgitation, and condensation? I nearly had an aneurism during the vomit scene. My friend said it was a subliminal GOP advert disguised as a movie. I disagree.

Sunday was Halloween! I signed up as a volunteer at the American Museum of Natural History for their Annual Halloween Celebration. I decided I couldn't be the same pimp in front of young children - plus I was definitely not going to put on all that makeup again (I don't know how you women do it every day). So instead, I dressed up as a cowboy!

Whatcha think? Disturbing fact: I owned everything I needed for this costume. Yes, even the stetson and snakeskin belt.

The event at the museum was HUGE! There were bands, performers, cartoon characters walking around, a whole bunch of candy givers and activities that the kids could do. I helped pass out Spooky BOOkmarks and crayons to little kids so they could color them; way to go AMNH - subliminally promote reading! Check out my phatty coloring skillz:

The kids were having such a fun time that I didn't want to dampen their spirits by warning them if they actually used a 'colored' bookmark, the colors will most likely rub off on the pages - ruining their books forever. Oh well, I guess they'll find out sooner or later. There was also a pumpkin carver and his apprentice. They were incredibly talented. The T-Rex was my favorite.

At night, I found some time to hit the Village Halloween Parade. Here are some of my favorite costumes:

a. some evil domina-chix.
b. two bananas =)
c. 8 feet cousin of Yao Ming
d. two men coming from Bliss Spa
e. printer paper man!
f. Richard Simmons and 3 Sanrio characters!

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Ramin said...

Printer Paper man! hahah.. that one is my favorite. Next year I'm gonna be "You are what you eat man" and dress up as a vagina. hahahahhaahh.. ahem...