Monday, November 15, 2004

A Taste of Magical Thinking (part 1)

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As I mentioned previously, I attended my second Augusten Burroughs reading this past Thursday. This time he read "Rat/Thing"; one of my favorite stories from his newest book, Magical Thinking!! Needless to say, I was giddy all night.

I was also considerate enough to record the reading so that those of you who missed it can still experience it live! Lucky you! However, the result is a little... awkward. Unlucky you.

Disclaimer: I hold no liability for any injuries that result from watching the video. Watch at your own risk.

[To be continued...]


Anonymous said...

So I am wholly jealous and unhappy that you got to have brunch next to Mena Suvari. I so love her!!! Next time I'm out in the city, I expect some tour guidance from you cuz I am like a total star fucker.

And I do love me some Augusten Burroughs. I have read Running with Scissors and Dry, but haven't picked up his new one yet. I now have a mission for my day.

Oh, and your quote on my guestmap, I'm Clueless. Okay, I'm not but that's the movie the quote is from. Do you even know who my father is?

Matt (

epicurist said...

Ow, My neck hurts now...