Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

A Little Caliente!

This picture was taken at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC Thanksgiving Eve. It was a Latino showcase. And yes, latinos come in that color. Although some of the jokes were in Spanish, I found it funny how much I can still relate to them; especially ones dealing with family. I guess Asian and Hispanic cultures share some common cultural ground - both are heavily family oriented. Read more [+/-]

In highschool, most of my friends were latino, and I assimilated easily (nickname, Chino-latino); like learning the drama between Puerto Ricans and Dominicans (God help you if you call one the other!). I was also invited to family get-togethers at their two-family house in Brooklyn inhabited also by 20 extended family members; where basement salsa parties and rum cake were in abundance (so was rum.. ah.. puerto rican rum).

So even though I didn't know exactly what they said, I knew what they meant.. and it was funny.

I then went to Chelsea Brewery over by Chelsea Piers on the west side. After 1 hour of boring nothingness, I headed over to Exit. That's where I met this cutie to the right - she was the nicest, cutest bartender that night. That could have just been my drunk impression of her, and for all I know, she could have really been a bitch. She didn't give me any free water ($5 a bottle!?), but she did hook me up with a cup of ice. And she let a drunk idiot take a picture with her.

Black Friday

Thanksgiving went by fine
. Black Friday was a nightmare. I took this shot EZPassing through a towle toll booth on my way to Jersey Gardens.. at 4:30 in the morning! After that, we went to Woodbury (Outlet Mall) for more shopping!

That is the last time I'll believe my sister when she says that Black Friday is the best time to go to Great Adventure (that is, until next year). But I must admit, it was nice (and strange) to be the only customer in a huge mall.

Who the Hell is Ted Baker...

...and why'd he charge me $400 for this coat?

Last but not least, I've been looking for a toggle coat FOREVER! I finally found one from Ted Baker at Bloomingdales when they had some sort of Men's Designer Clothing Sale a few weeks back. Original price was $895, so I guess it was a good deal. I guess it's back to Wendy's dollar menu for the rest of December.


Jon said...

Isn't Ted Baker a British designer like Paul Smith, only more conservative?

Nice coat- not worth 895 bucks, though. I'm searching for a good shearling coat, though the ones I've seen that I've liked have been in the 4000 dollar range. Which means no coat for me :(

Anonymous said...

do you take those outfit pictures on your own with a timer? or does your mom and sister take them for you?

~ virginia