Monday, November 08, 2004

This Past Weekend...

Things that made me smile:
- Going to the prom with D - 80's style!
- The Incredibles
- Star-gazing: Moby and Mike Myers
- Having brunch next to Mena Suvari and having a wonderful conversation
- a delicious vegan turkey sandwich
- lemon cupcakes and banana pudding

Things that brought a tear to my eye:
- Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - Vardon Family
- Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World"
- UGA student suicide - possibly over Bush's re-election

I was really sad to learn about the student's suicide. I think it's noble to die for what you believe in; but without a note behind, we can only guess his motive. However, killing yourself doesn't really solve any problems. So to everyone out there, don't do that. You're more effective when you're alive anyway.

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Brechi said...

great pic! I love 80s events.