Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanksgiving Hate Crime Epilogue

The Sebastian's Hate Crime was a hoax.

Firstly, I'm happy to find out that this was indeed a hoax and that he's not hurt.

Secondly, even though this scenerio was a hoax, there is someone, somewhere who is a victim of a hate crime. Please continue to educate others on tolerance so that we can reduce the number of hate crimes.

Thirdly, change your passwords frequently! And since you can't do that on your own.. let me give you some pointers:
1. Mix letters and numbers; add a number into your current password (avoid birth year or age!). Try 'Number of orgies before the age of 20':
ex: pa22ssword or pass22word

2. Mix upper- and lowercase. Passwords are case-sensitive. Do as many letters as you can remember:
ex: pass22worD or PASS22WORd

3. Pick an obscure reference word; favorite movie, first street you lived on, first pet:
ex: Kill22Bill or kILL22bILL

4. Have seperate passwords for different accounts. Make them related, but not in an obvious way:
ex: Kill22Bill for banks, Kill23Blog for blogs, Kill23Jane for email

Don't worry, you WILL remember your changes to passwords. If not, there are always the forgot password links - so make sure the password for your email is the safest!

Finally, I'd like to say that I don't blame Sebastian for the hoax. Nor do I feel 'cheated'. I felt sad/upset when I found out that he could have been a victim of the hate crime, and whether it was a hoax or not doesn't matter. For those of you who felt 'cheated' after you found out it was a hoax, you're weren't cheated my friends. I know I don't feel 'stupid' or 'dumb' for feeling sympathy toward a victim of a hate crime, neither should you. You were lied to, but not by Sebastian. It would be a different story otherwise.

Now be happy and convince Sebastian to change his password and continue to contribute to the world of blogging!

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Jon said...

holy crap! i read about the 'hate crime' last week and was sickened, and while it's great that he's not hurt, thre are obviously some WEIRDOS out there.