Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What Do You Get...

What do you get when you cross a large warehouse and all the highschool theatre clubs in America?

Don't look at me, I don't know! But if you throw in frugal, costume-hungry New Yorkers with bloodshot eyes, you'd get the Theatre Development Fund (TDF) Costume Collection's "Moving Sale".

What a mistake it was to take the afternoon off from work; I should have called in sick, camped at the door 4 in the morning with hot chocolate in my Lion King thermos. I wouldn't have been the only one, believe me.

I went after lunch, arrived around 3pm, and the line was around the block. Entrance at 26th and 11th? I stood at 27th and 12th. For those not familiar, from 11th to 12th is an avenue block. This means it's actually five times as long as what you would consider a 'normal' block.

After the first hour (at around 4pm), a woman in a nice orange suit jacket started to hand out tickets for those still waiting in line so that they can get priority line placement tomorrow (I got #486). The Clash's "Should I stay or should I go now?" played in my head as I was doing the little annoyed bounce.

I left the line. Then across the street I thought, "Tomorrow?? There'll be nothing left but stained shirts and ripped tutus! And besides, they didn't say we couldn't still wait on line after getting a ticket. Hell, I'm not walking all the way here from Broadway to do this all over again tomorrow." Note, Broadway is about 7 avenue blocks away from 11th. But I lost my place in line! I sucked it up and waited at the end again. Luckily, a lot of other people fell for the devil in the orange jacket's trick and really left - I was only half a fool - and the line was considerably shorter.

After another hour wait (5pm), it turned out that they extended the hours until 6pm (and not the 3:30pm on the sign, nor the 4:30 on the newsletter) and I finally got in! And bags were only $10! Score! Right? Wrong. The shoppers that warned me while I was on line were right, "There's nothing but crap left, don't waste your time." Guess what was left. That's right. Stained shirts and ripped tutus.

Just kidding. That's only half true. Most of the women's and men's real 'costumes' were gone, and what was left was a hosh-posh of modern-looking stuff.

Where were the gladiator outfits, or the Lion King grass skirts, or the corsets from that mid-west highschool's production of Caberet? They were all taken by the biatches that ditched work to wait 6 hours on line.

I scrounged around the mens' stuff and found a couple of pieces to try and fit into my costume: I'm going for a vampire something (original huh?!). Instead of finding 18th century tunic with ruffles - I got 60s style tuxedo shirts with ruffles. I can make that work, right?

I felt like I shopped at the Salvation Army... You think they got any pirate shirts there?

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