Sunday, October 24, 2004

Is that you Ashlee? Blame the Band!

Did anyone watch SNL this past Saturday? I didn't. And I now regret going to a reading of "Bottom of the World" (presented by WET - at the Tribeca Theatre Festival, having a late brunch at Surya, then to Magnolia's for their wonderfully heart-stopping cupcakes, falling asleep at Banana Republic, catching I <3 Huckabees, and then having split pea soup at Friend of a Farmer on Irving Place.

Why you ask? Because I missed this!!

For those who are link wary, the video shows Ashlee Simpson dancing around like a retard while her song "Pieces of Me" played in the background -- with vocals! Lip-syncher! Story goes she was supposed to sing her new single, 'Autobiography'.

Then she blamed the band! Sure, why not! I know about those electronic instruments that can automatically start up audio equipment to play vocals! "Not that one! My new single, you fools!"

Anyway, I still like her songs. This isn't as damaging as the Milli-Vanilli debaucle - Ashlee still uses her own voice (or does she??). I mean, if Britney can do it, why can't she? She's also scheduled to perform at the Radio Music Awards! I know I'LL be 2 inches from the TV making sure her mouth is in sync with the words.

Oh, and I take it back: I don't regret all the things I did Saturday; only the falling asleep part. I <3 Huckabees is a funny movie. It's hard to explain why - but it is, trust me. It's subtle, and smart, and confusing, but not. I'd like to see it again as I was mostly in the eye-expanding 'don't-fall-asleep' mode.

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