Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Wait.. isn't that Garba.. Ooh! Artichoke!

So what's the next big thing in activism? Freeganism!

No, it's not the cause to end the governments' suppression of public orgasms. That's probably naturism & nudism; another cause I'd consider sponsoring if only for the fact of witnessing their 'non-violent' demonstrations.

Anyway, freegans are dedicated to "revealing human over-consumption and waste." How you ask? By not buying any food at all! Better yet, I'll quote from one of their website:
"[F]reegans choose to buy as little as possible of ANY good and instead live off the massive waste of modern capitalist society."
Laymans terms: they forage around in garbage for groceries, clothes, cd's, radios, and ipods. Wait.. isn't there another group like this already? Yes, the more popular National Society of the Home-Challenged (1,2). What'll happen if Corporate America cuts back on this unnecessary waste? Won't that be like cutting off sponsorship to the NSotHC? Think of the outcome! Soup kitchens will overflow with NSotHC members who once revelled in the bountiful gifts from their over-consuming corporate sponsors!

Anyway.. their ideals are in the right place; method is a little sketchy. In the meantime, I think I'll print out little fliers for the homeless:
"Need food? Hate panhandling? Be a Freegan! Just go to the website http://freegan.info/ and they'll show you how you can get food for *FREE* on the streets AND help society!"
Flier coming soon.

And now a diversion: Halloween is coming up. If you live in NYC, this is a week full of events for the Broadway show Wicked. Read more at Gothamist. Highlight: "Wicked Day" Block Party on Saturday, October 30th. Check out PLAYBILL for more info and locations.

Are you still looking for a costume for Halloween? Do you have $20? $10? what about $1??? TDF is having a moving sale (in NYC), and they're selling theatre costumes! Get yerself some threads!

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