Wednesday, December 21, 2005

When Trains Stood Still

what MTA's new logo should be

I support unions.  I support collective bargaining.  I even support crazy wacked-out demands (knowing eventually they'll be toned down to something more reasonable).  But I don't support this strike.

It just gets me how ridiculous the Local 100 union leader, Roger Toussaint, is to call on a strike even though it's illegal and without the support of the parent union; plus they planned it during the time of year that it'll hurt people the most.  And then there's all those fines.  Who's going to pay for that?  The union members, that's who.

Did you know that transit workers made more money than teachers, firefighters and police officers? (quote from Mayor Bloomburg)

And because I live in Brooklyn, for the past two days I had to haul my ass 3.29 miles to work and back.

That might sound like I'm complaining, because I am.

But I recognize some redeeming factors:  I haven't been to the gym in a few weeks, so walking the 3 miles was welcomed.  The view from the Williamsburg bridge is amazing in the morning early afternoon.  The Red Cross had set up "disaster relief" triages at the ends of the bridges with free cookies and hot coffee/cocoa.  (Note to self: get some Nestle Dark Chocolate Flavor Hot Cocoa Mix.)

And now I know exactly how your grandpa felt when he walked 3 miles to and from work everyday, uphill, and in ten feet of snow.  Err, minus the snow part.

Delicious J. Tickle


Jon said...

I agree that unions are necessary, but in most cases they don't end up actually helping the workers they claim to represent. I was talking to a friend who said 'this strike is about the little people (e.g. janitorial staff who clean trains/buses/stations', and while they are shafted in terms of pay and benefits, they aren't actually MTA workers. They are contracted out by private companies, and now THEY can't go to work and get paid.

Bloomberg is dead on; the TWU are behaving like 'selfish thugs'. MTA workers are forced to strike and lose pay andf ace fines, the city suffers enormous revenue loss, and nobody wins.

But, we do get free hot cocoa ^_^

Gurustu said...

Cocoa for Cuckoo Crap!

Steve said...

I've been watching all that nonsense, and it looks nutz! I do like your pro-exercise attitude, though. (Since I don't live there, I probably shouldn't offer my opinion, but they should give the transit workers a deadline to return to work, or they ALL get fired... kinda like the air traffic controllers did a looong time ago.) Have a great holiday, Jase!

Jess said...

I won't rant any further about the TWU. What they did was illegal and selfish. Enough said.

Now, I love that MTA sign. That's terrific. We should find a way to get it printed on magnetic strips and then sneak around the city putting them on buses and subways. (Just don't leave fingerprints, in case they get pissed.) :)