Friday, February 16, 2007

Meaningless Valentines

I don't buy into the whole Valentine's Day thing. I honestly believe it's one of those 'holiday's whose sole purpose is to drive capitalism. Now, while I'm all for making money off the saps who want to spend it, let's not confuse it with genuine intention.

It's the same as New Years resolutions. If you really wanted to celebrate the red-hot passionate, or puppy, love you share with someone, why do you need to wait until this arbitrary date? You don't. Just like you don't need a date to start 'eating healthier'.

Heart of PastaOf course, I have no problems when couples choose to celebrate their love on this day, but the fact that this day is 'required' defeats its purpose. If you're expected to do it, it doesn't mean you want to do it. And if you don't want to do it, then it's meaningless. Choose a more meaningful date, like your anniversary.

What I consider even worse is the pressure it puts on people. A day to make those sappy singles out feel worse about themselves. And did you know that Feb. 14th is the date with the highest suicide rate? No? Probably because I just made that up - but it's something to think about next year when you're thinking about buying roses and chocolates, eh?

My main beef with Valentine's Day is it allows people to have 'lazy' relationship. "Great, here's one day of the year I say 'I love you', and I'm set for the year!" No wonder St. Valentine was a man. If it's expected, where's the spontaneity? Relationship atrophy. (It took me forever to remember that word!)

And when these expectations can't be met, they become unnecessary disappointments. Like when your Boopy is away with his family and can't enjoy a Valentine's Day dinner with you.

Fortunately I don't buy into the whole Valentine's Day thing. I realize that any day can be special enough to celebrate our love. Seriously, would you be okay with having sex just one day a year?


GrooveTheory said...

I couldn't agree more. But then again, I'm a bitter man-less queen, so that's my excuse :) LOL

Steve said...

I was never big on Valentine's Day, only because I didn't have a Valentine. I do now. We didn't do the cards/candy thing. We did go out for dinner and movie and were home by 9. Yeah... life in the fast lane. He did get a hand job after we got home, though.

Patrick said...

That the sex with Brad Pitt?

Jess said...

Just what Valentine's Day needed--its own Scrooge! :P


Yes, being loving just one day a year would be pretty pitiful. Still, if it reminds couples to be more loving, why not? There's no rule that they can't continue the loving if that day rekindles things, right?

You're so grumpy for such a young pup! ;)