Monday, April 23, 2007

Sympathy Pains

This past weekend was fabulous!

The weather was great. I ran the Central Park loop on Saturday. Helped this guy out of the hospital - he's looking great by the way. Saw Hot Fuzz again (with him) - it is STILL funny, if not more! Instant classic.

So why does my throat itch now? And why am I sneezing? Ugh. Karma balancing? Or sympathy pains? Nah, I'm not that sympathetic.

Oh, new theory - I caught a bug from Boopy (who was sick last week) and it was incubating all this time, waiting for this great weather before exploding the mucus membranes of my nose.

Ugh. Snot.


GrooveTheory said...

Uh oh. Try not to get TOO sick now. We have to hangout soon!

Will said...
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Jase said...

@groove: I'll try not to, if you promise to buy me a cosmo. :)

Crash said...

I've been feeling sick, too, so maybe we caught something at the hospital.

TCho said...

oh, i was at central park loop last weekend too.