Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Why I Was Up at 6am, Day After Christmas


Sample Sale.

Two.. err.. three words that should never be put together in my presence. And somehow they were. Cursed Racked.com!

As sample sale shopping enthusiasts know, if you want the good stuff, you have to get there early. And did they say $20 cashmere? You know I'm there!

And there I was, 7am in the morning, second in line. By 9am, when the doors opened, the line had grown to nearly 200 people, at least.

While waiting, a manager-type did come out a few times to welcome us and to inform us they had sold-out of cashmere and there was only four racks of clothing.

"Uhm. Excuse me?"

Yep. All gone except for four racks; cleaned out at a 'pre-sale'. What the hell is that about?! Surprisingly, I didn't see anyone leave the line - probably because they didn't believe her. Just like I didn't; she's just trying to trick us into leaving. Well, it's not going to work!

The doors opened at 9am, and everyone beelined it to the sample sale area - and she wasn't kidding; only four racks!

Madness, then disappointment, ensued as 200+ people pulled items from the racks - including myself. I was able to a few items to buy; but definitely not enough to warrant the 2-hour wait.

Throughly disappointed, I decided to take it to the internets - I commented on Racked.com and then emailed Uniqlo. To my surprise, Uniqlo replied! It was a genuine and sincere apology from the regional, and he even promised to give me ample notice about the next sale.

And I read yesterday that the Uniqlo CMO wrote a formal apology about the sample sale.

Even though the sale was an utter failure, I give them credit for good customer service. Plus their new spring stuff is HOT!


tim said...

I told you not to go.

Jess said...

Yeah, tim told you not to go! :P

Oh, the perils of being young and fabulous!

David said...

You are such a consumer.

Jason said...

Oh no! That is truly a sad tale. A cashmeretastrophy! Now we need pictures please.

TCho said...

I gave up on sample sales for that very reason. Also they never have my size.