Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Uniqlo's Secret Sauce

Here's a great article on Uniqlo and it's success..

"The brand is making exactly what people want, at prices that make them feel good."

Don't forget the fact they make XS for men! Something that's definitely made them (and kept them) THE go-to store for male fashionistas in New York City; and the reason why I must shop there (at least) once a week.

The Business of Fashion: Uniqlo | A Feel-Good Commodity

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Scottula said...

There was a time when XS meant something to me. Now I'm fully M and not entirely thrilled. But yeah, Uniqlo still totally caters to my body type, and I love that for basics. I put holes in ALL my jean crotches over the last couple months, so this weekend I'm depending on them to save my ass. (Pun)