Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor For Love

I told my friend I was headed down to Bethesda, Maryland this weekend for a wedding and this is how he responds:

"news reports are saying slick roads and flooding south of here....

you don't want to be stranded in delaware...that's where washington and his troops were stranded...i don't want to see you in a famous painting trying to traverse a river in your van. it's just too soccer mom for me."
Well, I'll have you know that he actually crossed it. I'll do my best not to get stranded, but I think that whole 'crossing the Delaware in a van' thing sounds awesome.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend ya'll!


Jess said...

Your friend's version of history, though in the aid of humor, is a little off. Still, it's best not to get stranded in Delaware or anywhere else. (Well, especially Delaware. I have no idea what you'd do there.)

Harlis Dinwiddie said...

Two good reasons to get stuck in Delaware (the state, not the river): 1. It's home to the nearest Waffle House. 2. No sales tax.

Will said...

You were here and I was there. The next time one of us visits the other's area, maybe we can get together for a drink. Hope Bethesda was as exciting for you as Manhattan was for me.