Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tricky Little Tart Treat!

Good news is that Boopy's mother is well on her way to recovery. Thanks to everyone who gave their well wishes. You guys are the best!

Now onto the gooder news - It's Halloween!

I spent nearly two weeks planning my costume and when I finally decided to pull all the pieces together, I had less than 3 days; which means that my initial plan to go as a slutty geisha didn't work out. This dishonor would result in jigai, but that would require me to be in costume. Oh well.

Luckily I had two backup plans; after consulting with my sister, I decided on one (not this one). When I got home and test-drove the outfit, I was excited; no, I was ecstatic! So much that I actually dreamed about being in costume and dancing around the street.

But will my coworkers (especially the people in HR) think it's appropriate to be so fabulous at work? I must admit I had some concerns (not enough to stop me, obviously). Everyone loved it. Some thought I was a bit over the top, probably exacerbated by the fact I was one out of 6 people in the whole company that dressed in costume to work. Some even thought I was a new employee (isn't that sweet?!). What can I say? I love bringing a smile to people's faces.

Let's just hope the people in the Halloween parade do the same! Happy Halloween ya'll!


Tuna Girl said...

I heard your costume was ScArY!!!


MzOuiser said...

I'm glad Boopy's Mom is ok!