Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Random Voting Day Thoughts

Have you ever worked with someone that is so incompetent, you want to punch yourself in the face? And not just your playful knock on the jaw, but a full-fledged bashing where you put your head on a flat surface and mole-knock yourself upside your own head. (How appropriate for me to think this on election day, no?)

I know this is far from an original, personal experience, but for my ability to handle this one person without causing bodily harm to anyone (including myself), I think I deserve a gold star. Or maybe a cookie.

And some other unrelated thoughts...

This morning, on my way to work, I saw a fairly slim (not skinny) Asian guy drinking a Myoplex shake and I thought to myself, "I wonder if that works. It doesn't seem to be working for him. Unless he started it last week. It's so hard for Asian people to be big and muscley. I guess every little bit helps. Maybe he was skinnier before. Maybe he has an eating disorder and his doctor told him to drink it. I wonder if it'll work for me. Nah; who wants to drink chalk every morning."

Happy Voting Day people!


Jon said...

I saw this guy in a Tokyo subway station the other summer who was so huge.... as in pro heavy weight body builder huge. As I'm sure you can imagine, everyone was staring....even school girls in REAL uniforms ;-)

Anonymous said...

The worst is when the incompetent person is your boss.

tribecatexan said...

*hands Jase a poop cookie*

There better?

Boopy! said...

Ditto to tcho's comment -- nothing worse than when your boss is the incompetent one.

But to the other issue -- don't worry about the big muscles. You're perfect just the way you are ;)

Will said...

I'm pretty sure Myoplex makes cookies, too.