Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Handling Visitors

I have to admit that I'm always skeptical when someone on the online world wants to meet me in the real world. You could never be sure of who they are, no matter what's on their blog. That could be the side effect of being raised in New York City.

So when Will said he'd want to meet me, I was naturally skeptical - at least it wasn't as SWF as having someone with the same name asking to meet up (like some unnamed friend). I needed a plan. In public. And possibly some witnesses. Since he was a blogger, I planned a meet up with some other bloggers (and a blog-stalker).

I instantly recognized him inside the Milford and we headed to the Ritz to meet up with the rest of the party, which was already in progress. Luckily, he turned out to be a pretty cool guy; and I didn't have to open a can of cardio-kickbox on his ass.

Lots of fun was had, along with the alcohol. Unfortunately, I have nothing scandalous to report. Other than the flashing.

Speaking of which, I hear Feast of Fools is having another New York Meet-n-Greet this Thursday! I'm so there!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for succesfull blogger meet ups!!!

Robert said...

Well, as for me, I'm always, ALWAYS nice on first meeting! ehehe!

Sun Leen Fai Loh! Is it time yet?

Wayne said...

I can't believe you brought out the SINGLE WHITE FEMALE reference. I mean, that'd be totally creepy. heh heh.

Tell me more about the Cardio KickBox.

Aaron said...

"I have to admit that I'm always skeptical when someone on the online world wants to meet me in the real world."

I find that hard to believe. You practically begged me to meet you IRL. Sheer moments after we did meet I outed you to the world - or at least the east village.

I miss you :(

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, I actually AM a serial killer. But your skin was so soft and free of lines that it wouldn't make a very good lampshade, so I figured "eh, what's the point."

FYI to the world: Jase is as much a sweetie in person as he is online. Thanks for meeting up!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jase-

Just discovered your blog through No Milk Please. I read your post of yesteryear about hit-whoredom. I hadn't realized that it was actually a common phenomenon-- I was starting to feel concerned about my neuroses! Anyway, I've been perusing through your previous blog site as well as your current one and have bookmarked you.

Just wanted to show some love. Are you on RBJ?