Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Playing Catchup - Triple Ex- Style

Wow, it's been a hectic holiday season so far! Parties here, shopping there, and running into two exes at a party thrown by someone I dated. Sounds like a bad soap opera, doesn't it? Yea, that's what my coworker said too.

With all that's happened, I figure the best way to tell it all is to, well, not tell it at all. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. And no, you won't find any pictures of said 'triple ex' party. Read more [+/-]

There was Crash's birthday. [more]

Me and the Birthday Tongue What Byrne Really Got for His Birthday

Then Famous Author Rob Byrnes' birthday. [more]

Shot From Above Me and the Birthday Boy

Then a volunteer recognition event. [more and even more]

Which is the Wax Figure? Wax Me! Superfan!

Then the company holiday party. Oh lord. [more]

company-party-027 company-party-004 company-party-059

I can't believe I spent nearly 6 hours editing and retouching all those photos. The price of beauty!

If you're done with the visual stimulation, check out this spoof on A Christmas Carol [via wired]! It'll help you get over the fact that this year, Annie (starring Kathy Lee) is playing at the Madison Square Garden's theater instead.

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