Thursday, September 28, 2006

Eye-Gouging Good Time

Last Friday I went to a late, late showing of Oedipus for Kids! It was awesome. Just awesome.

I'm not a big musical theater fan, but I do know what I like, and this is it. With songs like A Little Complex and My Lover is my Husband is my Son, how can you not?

Me and Barrett!And how apropos it was to run into Barrett Foa of Spelling Bee (and Avenue Q)! Perhaps he's looking for more crazy (not-really-for) childrens' plays to do? (Start the rumor mills!)

Anyway, if you didn't infer from the title, the production is indeed an over-the-top recreation of a childrens' theater company performing a 'revised' version of the story of Oedipus.

Great wordplay in the songs. Good timing on the jokes; hell, the leading actress still went on stage even though she broke her foot the day before (albeit sitting on an office chair)! The show must go on!

And now that the NYMTF is over, I really do hope the show goes on... so I can see it again!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Out in the Office

Photo by the awesome Jason Smith.

A lot of random stuff going on in my head today. Like when I was in the bathroom, just thinking about work. I started to think about how to be more productive at work. Then I started to think about the law of diminishing returns, and how it might be partially explained by people being social (in the workplace). Example: The more people you hire, the more opportunity for people to socialize in the office, and therefore less productivity. And let's not forget the time consumption of those in-office affairs.

And speaking of which, the 3rd season of The Office premiered last night! It was awesome, and in case you missed it, the topic was 'outing' someone at work (here's a preview and summary). LOVED it - especially how they wrapped up the show with Michael staring out the window as Oscar is picked up by his 'roommate', "There's Oscar's roommate. I wonder if he knows." and during Oscar's interview when he admits, "Sometimes, it pays to be gay."


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hair and Stars

After seeing their eye-catching posters, reading about it in Business Week, and finally landing on their informative webpage, I ordered myself one of those Norelco Bodygroom shavers from Amazon and tried it out... Read more [+/-]

Sorry, no pictures this time; but the Bodygroom is pretty good. Comfortable grip, easy to use, and no snags at all - even on those more tender areas. All that's left is smooth skin. And yes, everyone has some hair down there.

Now to do deal with those ingrown hairs...

And speaking about being excited, I was doubly excited that I got to go to Rob Byrnes' book party for his new book, When the Stars Come Out at Vlada! I was even lucky enough to get him away from his adoring fans and grab this candid shot!

Rob Byrnes

How awesome is that?! (I'll let you know how awesome his book is.)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It seems that I shocked a few people (and a coworker) when they pulled up a recent picture of mine that was a bit too risqué... while at work.

I can't be held totally responsible, right? Everyone knows there are risks involved when surfing myspace and flickr in the office; first rule being sure no one is looking over your shoulder.

With that said, consider this your warning: The following may shock you (and a coworker). Viewer discretion is advised (because I don't have any). Read more [+/-]

Nude Light Photoshoot

I don't see what the big fuss is about. It's not like I'm naked or anything - I'm wearing lights! What do you think?

Other stuff:
- congrats to you-know-who for that promotion.
- the new iPod shuffle, too cute!
- I'm rootin' for you, babe.
- going to see Oedipus. for kids. Will definitely let you know how it goes.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day Weekend Afterthoughts

Happy in a Field

Maryland was great. (who knew?)
The wedding was beautiful.
The bride was stunning.
I can't believe I wore brown wool.
Picking your own fruit isn't as fun as it seems.
The navigation system is only as smart as the driver who picks the route.

In other news, I finally took advantage of my health insurance and went to the doctor to get a check up. All's well, except she said I might be slightly anemic. Eek. More tests to follow.

Update: Crap, another outbreak.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor For Love

I told my friend I was headed down to Bethesda, Maryland this weekend for a wedding and this is how he responds:

"news reports are saying slick roads and flooding south of here....

you don't want to be stranded in delaware...that's where washington and his troops were stranded...i don't want to see you in a famous painting trying to traverse a river in your van. it's just too soccer mom for me."
Well, I'll have you know that he actually crossed it. I'll do my best not to get stranded, but I think that whole 'crossing the Delaware in a van' thing sounds awesome.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend ya'll!