Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Back from Italy!

After thirteen days, four Italian cities, three flights, three ferries, two trains, an island, and a strike (which led to a night in Terminal C of Hotel Aeroporti), I'm back in New York City.

It's just so damn good to be back home; where there's water pressure. And washcloths.

When I get over this jet lag, I'll share the over six hundred photos of numerous churches and museums with their masochistic/pornographic adornments and countless broken penises.


Jess said...

You can make a show of it using one of our computers when you come out for Monday's barbecue! Yay! :)

Jess said...

P.S.--bring the bf, if he's around.

Jon said...

Welcome back! Did you get me a Vespa scooter?

Wayne said...

600 photos, Nice. Can't wait to see them :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
-jason smith