Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fashion Brings Out the Crazy

Ever since the weather in New York City turned cold, I've started shopping like crazy. Okay, I'm lying - I'm always shopping like crazy. But I'm blaming all the great stuff that's coming out.

I'm extremely impressed with Uniqlo; the 2-layer gloves (glove inside fingerless glove) are fabulous! Who cares if they're "womens" gloves - plus, I have delicate hands; the neutral colors are always out of stock! Other items of note: Pantone-color cashmere sweaters are in, bright and fun! Regular cashmere is on sale; and some are exactly the same color as the Pantone ones. Choose wisely!

CB2 SoHo opened this week, and while I have yet to drop some dough, browsing through the store made me yearn for an apartment with more space; and a foyer.

And can I tell you how crazy H&M was today? Roberto Cavalli's designs for H&M (Roberto Cavalli + H&M = Hoberto Mavalli?), aka animal-prints-on-cheap-fabric, went on sale today and it was a mad house. I'm loving how fashion brings out the crazy in people:

"Bitch if you grab that, I'm going to fucking cut you."



Jon said...

Muji opens next Thursday at noon, Jase!!

GrooveTheory said...

Muji should really be paying you Jon! Honestly now! If I hear that from you one more time :) LOL ROFL

Anyways, I haven't been shopping a lot lately. It's sad, really. I'm at the mall 4x a week, and I guess now I'm ... OMG ... desensitized from fashion. I need help.

They f'ing closed Uniqlo here in Jersey, so I now I have an excuse to shop in the city.

Tuna Girl said...

I've been shopping like a nut since my husband's been gone too. But most of my money gets dropped at Target.

I really love that chair though!

Wayne said...

I'm heading to H&M in a couple of hours!!!!