Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Successful Weekend Delivery!

This past Sunday I ran GLWD's Race to Deliver. Even though the weather was overcast and cold, and I hate running in the cold, it turned out fabulous! Running with Team Storm, and it being our first anniversary, was truly inspirational. Okay, I'll stop with the Lifetime Original movie moment; after I mention this:

Not only was it my one year anniversary of running, I set a personal best! Four miles in 30:33! That's a 7:38 pace/mile! For those scratching your heads, it's pretty fast.

Later that afternoon, I bought myself a cashmere sweater in magenta (from Uniqlo) as a present for myself.

That night, I took my mom to see Wintuk, as a present to her! Good show. Not great, good; but my opinion might be skewed because I was so tired from the run.

In other news, I finally watched Adam & Steve. Cute movie. Isn't Steve the guy from Caroline in the City?

And while you ponder that, Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!


Lee said...

Congrats on the time!

macboyx said...

yes that is the guy from Caroline in the City. :)

Way to go on the time!

David said...

I was there to cheer on the Farmboyz. I'm surprised I didn't see you.

Yes, Malcolm Gets was in Caroline in the City. He's also done musicals on and off Broadway.