Thursday, July 14, 2005

Clearing the Air or Why My Last Post Should Be Burned

So Jess has replied with the correct version of the misquoted phrase I used in my previous post:

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

And his prize?  A picture of some cute guy!  Congratulations!

Thinking about it, I shouldn't have used that phrase in the first place.  The reason why she was acting a bitch wasn't because I 'scorned' her.  Actually, I don't know why she did it.  Maybe she had a chemical imbalance due to the Rickshaw dumplings we had.  Maybe she was jealous of my one-legged flamingo yoga stance.  Maybe it was her time of the month (that's right, gay men can, and will, use that against you too!).

I hope you found the post funny (as it was meant to be).  I'll admit that I felt bad for a few minutes hours, but then came to the conscious-clearing realization:  I am better than her; at least I know when to shut up (most of the time).  Plus, I don't have to live in her crappy neighborhood.

I thought about burning that post.  But I won't because (a) I learn from my mistakes, (b) I think it's kinda funny, and (c) trying to burn the post would probably involve me being arrested for arson while trying to explain to the cops the reason why I set a Blogger building on fire was because I was trying to burn a post.

Instead, you get a picture of me acting like a lemur.

In other news, within a week, I'll be moving to an apartment closer to Manhattan.  Instead of being an hour late to work, I'll only be fifteen minutes late; and in the end, isn't that worth the thousands of dollars spent on rent?


Crash said...

I like the lemur picture, though I think you look more like a hampster.

I want to go to Rickshaw Dumplings.

Jon said...

Congrats on the apartment! Now you have to go to IKEA, the most fun/annoying store on earth :D

epicurist said...

I like your one legged stance - cute abs! Groooowllll.....;-p

Jess said...

Is that a rabid lemur? :P