Monday, July 18, 2005

Not Much to Report

So my weekend wasn't that interesting.

Met some friends.  Went to some bars, clubs, and a cruise up the Hudson.

Did a little drinking, a little dancing, a little flirting.

And a little standing.  Okay, a lot of standing.  Maybe too much.  So much that it could even be considered in violation of some vague park rule or regulation illegal.

(By the way, I was on foot.  I was not in a car, on a bike, moped, skateboard, vespa, or a segway.)


Steve said...

$50 Bucks?!? $200 Maximum?!? WTF is that all about? It seems kinda retarded. Is this another thing that's cool about living there, or am I missing something?

Lee said...

As I said in Flickr:

Geez, Jase! How DARE you actually STAND next to a P. A. vent shaft!! ::ewg::

Are you going to try to get it laughed outta court?

GrooveTheory said...

$200 for standing??!! See, that's why I'm always walking in NY. Walking like they're giving $1 drinks at Avalon! :) LOL I was in XL last Fri ... where were you?

I see you were flirting ... GO AHEAD JASE!

Anonymous said...

so what the hell are you doing to do? pay it?!


Jess said...

Please tell me you're going to fight this!

jOjo said...


Sangroncito said...

Very scary!

Anonymous said...

Is that all you did? Just a few clubs and a cruise up the Hudson? Or did you cruise while going up the Hudson?
I heard me some rumors!

Jase said...

steve: the only person missing something was the park patrol officer (his left testicle, don't ask me how I know).

lee: yep. and then some!

groove: I was at XL for 20 mins! It was so boring we decided to go somewhere else.

ma: definitely not going to pay it.

jess: fear not! I will fight it; and then some! I think the local news networks would be privvy to this type of story, dontcha think?

anon: You ain't heard nothing! You can't prove anything! Lies! All lies! Oh wait.. except for that last one, maybe.

epicurist said...

I seriously thought you were joking and still kinda hope you are...So there are murderers, rapists, and criminals running through the streets, and you get a ticket for posing on a street corner? puleaze!

Wayne said...