Friday, November 11, 2005

It's Never Easy, Is it?

It's never easy for me to stop talking to someone.  I think it's because of my desire to please everyone.  Or my insatiable desire to be liked (as a friend, of course).  As if this blog doesn't scream 'Love me, Love me' enough.

So when McW said he didn't even want to be friends with me, I felt like I've failed.  I felt like Superman in the presence of kryptonite: a weak, blubbering fool, unable to save myself from a dire situation.

But it does help when the other person is being sarcastic, hurtful, and serves up ultimatums.  Like a soft, comforting iron curtain.

"...just as friends."
"If you can only hear what's going inside my head right now, you'll see you're not my friend ... you are acting like such a child ... but thank you for telling me now so I'm not wasting another [Friday night] ... so, no, we can't be friends ... deal with it ... enjoy wearing your sign around town."

The passion, the intensity!  I've made a big mistake!  This is the guy I want to spend my life with!

Not.  I'm moving forward.

Also, there's no justification for being mean.  Not even if it comes from a 'hurtful' place.  And another thing, don't serve it up if you can't take it, okay?!1

Okay sanity check people.. am I just being petty now?

1 I'm talking about sarcasm.


Matt C. said...

I don't see how "I'm moving forward" could be petty. Sure, what he said may sting for a bit. But in all honesty, you should be thanking him as well, for showing you now how much of an ass he is, so you don't have waste another night.

From the tone of his "message", you can tell he holds a grudge. He's smug. You'll be over it long before he will.

So there's two cents from someone so far removed from the situation that it does really matter what I say anyway. :)

And...I still hate you for your new profile pic. I get a tingle in my special place each time I see it.

Wayne said...

Oh gosh, that guy is just...

You know what? Screw him.

LIke, "Snap" "Snap" "Snap"


MacboyX said...

Move right along sweetie, men are a dime a dozen and ones like that aren't worth a penny.

TribecaT said...

To Matt C,

I'm the one responsible for that photo. Imagine if I got Jase in front my the camera more often what other things I can get to tingle. hehehehe

Jake said...

"Just because someone doesn't love you
in the way you want them to,
doesn't mean that they don't love you
with all they've got."

Buy yourself your favourite dish tonight. Send me the bill...

GrooveTheory said...

OMG! I heard that before. I know exactly how you felt at that moment. But, that's right hun, you need to move on. I'm proud of you for being strong. Let's do some therapy shopping next time, how's that?

Gurustu said...

You just won an award for standing up for yourself. It's not petty to stand up again. Your next award is your freedom and a chance to find true love.

You're not just movin' on, you're movin' on up!

Jon said...

We love you, even if you are emotionally needy ;)

Ethan said...

tell him you dont need him and you replaced him with me!

will said...

If anyone ever calls you "petty," trust me, it's just a typo. What they really mean is, you're "pretty."

Anonymous said...

"Also, there's no justification for being mean. Not even if it comes from a 'hurtful' place."

i've said this so many times it's not even funny. and it's true. no one needs to be that much of an asshole. but people are. so what do you do, drop them. because you don't need them. i like to associate myself with people just like me. i'm not an asshole so i don't need to hang out with assholes ;)


epicurist said...

Someone was actually that much of a sore petty loser to say that to you? Just point and order and I shall bark and bite. Nothing more scary than a rabid 6'2 asian fag chasing you down a NYC alley way...