Thursday, November 03, 2005

Halloween Weekend (Part 1)

Halloween.  The only time of the year you can dress up as someone, or something, else.  Well, unless you're an actor.  Or a drag queen.  Or a Christmas elf.  Or pretending to be a sailor during Fleet Week.  Read more [+/-]

Preparing for HalloweenAnyway, my Halloween was nice.  I didn't have a costume change like I did last year, but this year I came up with the best idea ever drawing from my 15 minutes of fame: being a No Stopping Or Standing sign!  For those wondering, I made it myself.

Donning my own publicity armor (that's right, it was also self-indulgent; I always say, "If you got it, flaunt it"), I went to a few parties.

life of the party!The first party was thrown by a friend of a friend.  It turned out to be an apartment turned sardine can.  And wouldn't luck have it that the hot, straight boys left right when I arrived.  It didn't matter, I got to see the life of the party anyway (which K thought drove them hot 'stroys' away when she started performing).

At one point during the night, I recognized someone from across the room.  "Was she from my past?", I thought to myself.  At first I gave her a chance to approach me; but when that didn't work, I went up to her to play 20 questions.  "I know you.  Where are you from?"  And so it went on until I finally realized that she was a friend of my sisters' from junior high.  That was all that was interesting to say about that.

Muffet's TuffetThe second party I went to was at M1-5.  I met up with Little Miss Muffet, her lil' tuffet, and some of her friends.  And since there was more room and an actual DJ, I finally got my dancing fix.  I even brought a few snap lights (aka glow sticks) and we got our groove on.  Ah, the amazing power of shutter speed.

As the night wore on, the crowd got smaller.  When the hot trojan warrior left with the Ambiguously Gay Duo, I decided it was my time to head on home.

(to be continued...)


GrooveTheory said...

I'm jealous Part 1

Dantallion said...

sounds like a good start to the night jase. The pics wouldn't load into my machine. I'll be back to see your creation.

Steve said...

Ha! 'Stroys'. I gotta remember that.

Wayne said...

Niiice. Can't wait to see more photos!

Jon said...

I think people should dress up other days of the year, just randomly. Not that it would be a total mind fuck, NYers probably wouldn't care, but it would be fun.... like dressing up as fat Elvis on Good friday. Nobody would see that coming