Monday, March 20, 2006

Funny Cook

How come no one has ever told me about Dane Cook? This guy is hilarious! I heard his name on the latest episode of The Office. Check out his website for some side-splitting audio clips.

Speaking about cooks, I am so loving Top Chef! It's a cross between Top Model and Iron Chef (no wonder!). The challenges are interesting, (most of) the chefs are creative, and the drama is real. "You will fail. And you will fail miserably!"

But for me, the most entertaining part of the show is watching this hottie. Oh boy, he can shake my ice cream any time. And he somewhat reminds me of Bradley Cooper in Kitchen Confidential. My boopy just thinks I have a thing for rugged men who can wield a knife. You decide.


Will said...

I don't usually watch reality shows but Adrian got me started on this one. Harold IS a hottie and has an interesting personality to boot. At least it's not Stephen you have the hots for. I would smack you silly if that was the case.

Flo said...

Thanks for the tip. This guy is ferkin hilarious!

Jess said...

Dane Cook is funny. He's kind of cute, too.

The rest is news to me.

epicurist said...

Bradley Cooper...oh snap he is hot!

TCho said...

Oh there was the cutest guy on The Next Food TV star last year, Brook. He was the cute, in-shape guy from Kansas or something. I think he taught high school shop:,,FOOD_20356_32076,00.html