Friday, March 24, 2006

Volunteer of the Year

That's the title I'm going for, and considering I'm the only candidate in Jase's Super Volunteer Search 2006, I'd say my chances are pretty good.

Since the beginning of the year, I've spent six Saturdays tutoring fourth graders for APEX and helped at a fundraiser for GLSEN (photos here). I especially liked the free booze and loot (from the fundraiser, not tutoring).

My next event will be the GLBT Expo this weekend; and the March of Dimes and the AIDS walk is right around the corner, both of which I fully intend to amass mountains of goodies give myself selflessly. I am so going to win that contest.


Will said...

In Washington, DC, APEX is a gay club. Is it perchance the same in New York? C'mon, Jase, wait until the 6th grade for that, 'kay?

Steve said...

Go Jase!

Robert said...

I think that's wonderful Jase. Any volunteer work is just plain great. Good for others, and good for you soul, too.

Have a fun/peaceful weekend!!!

Jase said...

@will: omg - that is funny on so many levels.

@steve: thanks!

@robert: free loot is definitely good for my soul ;)