Monday, July 03, 2006

Four Day Weekend

Within the past three days, I found myself talking about the Brazilian wax I had more than a year ago. On three separate occasions. If something else happens in thrice, I'm going to wonder if someone is trying to drop me a hint.

This past Saturday, I ran around Central Park with the Front Runners. 6.2 miles - the longest distance I've ever ran at once. And when I say ran, I mean jog, jog, jog, walk, walk, jog, walk, fall down, roll over, and die. Luckily, I had a jogging buddy to save me. We celebrated my accomplishment by shopping, of course.

Saw Superman Returns. Didn't feel like 2.5 hours; until I stood up and my ass hurt. Recommended - especially when Lois Lane gets killed.

Today, I was lucky enough to tour Steiner Studios at the Brooklyn Naval Yard. It's just amazing the amount of work that goes into movie making, even more so all the details of setting up a sound stage. Thanks BFF!

And since it's July 4th, and I am a model american citizen (blogger), I must recycle this fabulous display of nationalism. Happy Independence Day ya'll. I hope everyone rebels in their own way until they get what they want.


Tuna Girl said...

I'm honored to be one of the people with whom you discussed your Brazilian.

And I love it when my friends do stuff together. Keep running, baby!

aaron said...

happy 4th darlin'!

look it's you:

Wayne said...

Yeah. I enjoyed Superman Returns too. I wasn't really planning to see the movie, until Friends were going to see it. (I didn't want to felt left out)
It really brought back the feeling that I had when I was a child...watching the earlier installment of Superman 1, 2 and 3...4 with Christopher Reeves. The references to the class Superman were fun... and the 1 liner puncher were cheezy, but fun too.