Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blame Canada1

The first thing this canuck said to me last Saturday when I met him at Starlight was, "You're not a flaming queen at all!  With all those pictures of you posing on your blog, I thought you'd be a downright fairy, eh!2"  Excuse me!  That was a backhanded compliment if I ever heard one.  And do you have any idea what he's talking about?  Cause I don't.

I Do Love Them

Anyway, Epi (the canuck) and I hit it off right away; we talked, we joked, we drank, it was as if we'd known each other forever.  Then I had enough of the flappity mouth and dragged both Epi and TribecaT down the street to Boysroom for a little booty shaking.  "How's that for queeny?!"

We danced a bit3, saw Amanda Lepore and Blu Kennedy, the latter doing a little go-go boy strip tease, and drank some more.  I definitely had a lot of fun with Epi that night.  Someday I'll take him up on his offer to visit Canadia; maybe then I'll show him some 'real pole work'.  He's on the list too.  And him too.

1 I'm blaming them for what happened when I got home that night.
2 Paraphrased, and 'eh!' added for Canadian effect.
3 Yes, I 'worked the pole'.


macboyx said...

I soooo wanna see you do ur best go-go boy impression and swing on a pole.

REALLY nice pic by the way

I heart Jase!

GrooveTheory said...

Ummm [peeking] ... hi!

I don't know what the Canuck is talking about, but you're as butch as me and Wayne combined ;) Yeah I know ! HAHAHAHA! Who am I kidding?! WE'RE ALL FLAMING QUEENS and we should all be proud!

I'm gonna quit apologizing for you know what because it's starting to sound so monotonous. I'll just make it up next time.


Steve said...

I thought I had a comment, but I keep going back to your pic. Yowsah!

Jon said...

Canada is ok, but I can buy their bacon at Gristedes ;)

Florcsi said...

Great pic, Jase!

Dantallion said...

Any time, Jase. And I love the pic, btw

epicurist said...

You should have heard what I was saying about that flaming ass of yours when you were sliding up and down the pole! You'd think the pole was covered in vodka the way you were making love to it. And who you calling flappity, eh?! ::wink::wink::

Knottyboy said...

Final note...#3 when aren't you working the pole? [insert gay cackle here] :P

I would love to have a group of my blogger bitches come out here for a summer holiday. The rivers to raft, the mountains to climb and a trip into Yellowstone to see what a real bear looks like without gold chains.

Wayne said...

Oh please, he'll have 2nd thought on the word "FAIRY" if he ever met me.

Groovie and Me combined? Oh, that'd be a Mega FRUIT Rce-cake.

Note to Groove: B*tch, I'm not a Flaming Queen. I'm a FAIRY PRINCESS.

I wanna work the pole too. Let's work the pole together sometimez.