Thursday, April 13, 2006

Just Need A Visual

It's nowhere near original, and I've definitely heard it somewhere else before, but the following conversation (that started about my leaving) really took place during lunch. Read more [+/-]

Female Co-worker: "I really sucks that you're leaving."
Me: "I know, but what are you going to do?"
Female Co-worker: "Who else am I going to get help from? It's so hard talking to those tech people. It's like they have ass-burgers or something."
Me: "Haha. Ass-burgers?"
Female Co-worker: "Yea! It's a disease, like autism. Like when you ask them a question and they answer like a robot, void of all emotion."
Me: "Oh! Asperger! I really thought you said ass-burger!"
We both crack up.
Female Co-worker: "Haha! Hmm.. I'm not even sure how that would work."
Me: "Don't get me started!"

But it was already too late; ass-burgers had already started floating around in my head.


GrooveTheory said...

HAHAHA!! "Ass-burger. For the hungry gay man!"

Oh, and as I.T. person myself, I think I do not suffer from A.S., but God knows I work with a couple.

Robert said...

I'll have a double-double ass-burger with everything on it. Oh and extra mayo please! mmm!

But seriously tho, what gay man doesn't want one of those!! haha!

Jon said...

I know! So many people pronounce the type of autism that way

I think McDonalds burgers are the nastiest fast food burgers, and indeed, they kind of do taste like ass....

Jess said...

It could be the newest treat in the gay world:

"Eat some ass burgers! It's a meal and a sexual experience, all in one!"

I suppose getting them in there would be the trick. What do you think? Sideways? ;)

Steve said...

Assburger! I love it and will find someone to use it on. I have plenty of them where I work. Have a great weekend, Jase!

gurustu said...

I count about a dozen or so jokes about meat, buns, cheese, sauce, pickles, stuffing oneself and eating out... so... nevermind.

epicurist said...

Good one. I'll take 2 ass burgers, with an order of fries on the side, please.