Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Star Gazing

One great thing about my soon-to-be-ex job is that it's in Tribeca; and even better is that the Tribeca Film Festival ticket booth is only a block away. It starts today! There's definitely some films I want to catch. Did you get your tickets yet? You can buy them online1, though some of the popular films and times have sold out of advanced tickets2.

Being gay, I was 'naturally' drawn to all the movies with gay themes; it's almost compulsory, as if I had to watch them all to make up for the lack of homo-sex education taught in school (both officially and unofficially). So I'm seeing Fat Girls this Saturday. Some other movies were sold out, but I might take a chance at the door.

And being gay, I had the innate talent3 to run into and recognize (and then to quickly avert my eyes to avoid being labelled as the lunatic celebrity fan that I am) the two ugliest, hot actors4 in Hollywood, probably in town for the festivities: Mr. Bacon and Mr. Hawke.

Oh, Mr. De Niro. Come out, come out, wherever you are!

1 It didn't matter to me, because I have to purchase the tickets at the box office to get my 'downtown residence discount' (not to rub it in or nothing).
2 Don't fret! You may still be able to get Door Tickets by queueing 30 minutes before the show.
3 Or it could have been the fact I was walking around Tribeca during my lunch hour. Who knows?
4 You know what I mean, but I'll be damned if they're not f'ing talented!


GrooveTheory said...

Another Gay Movie would be nice to see, and then there's this other movie I can't remember right now. But anyway, I have a really embarrassing story about your "Fat Girls" invitation, but it's too embarrassing for this comment box, so I'll probably just call you instead :) ROFL

Jon said...

There are some good gay films, but so many of them are complete crap, like 'Trick' for example. I also got molested by some nasty old guy who was sitting behind me....ugh.

Ethan can be hot assuming he remembers to bathe- he frequently has a very dirty, greasy look about him. Kevin looks like a fucking skeleton these days

Wayne said...

mmm I wanna to see The Wild.