Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Three Day Weekend!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. I am; especially since it coincides with Fleet Week.

Went out dirty dancin' the past two nights, had a good time; but you know what bugs me? Arriving to the club in time for free admission, waiting in line for 20 minutes, and then find out you can't get in free because the stupid bitch says you have to bring the email, even if the email itself doesn't say so specifically (JB, what's up with that?).

Okay, so I understand it's not her fault she's a stupid bitch. And enough with all this negativity; it's a great day and I'm going sunning in Central Park. If anything can help me recharge my batteries, this can. And by 'this', I mean the shirtless boys running around the park. Ciao!


Steve said...

Ooooh. Shirtless boys! Hope you have a nice time and we'll be expecting all the details... especially if anything good pops up.

Jon said...

Whatever, we all know you were at the rambles giving BJs to guys on the DL....

Anyway, I'm still exhausted- I only slept for 3 hours from 12-3 since I didn't want to mess up my internal clock, so I'm just campd out on the sofa. Hope you guys had a good dinner tonight!

GrooveTheory said...

Were you at Roxy's Saturday??!! I was there! And Jason ... it did say on the e-mail to bring the e-mail for free admission. I didn't do the thumpa thumpa though, I was in the lounge most of the night.

I hope you had a fab Memorial picnic!

angel, jr. said...

People in low positions with attitudes bug me.

Adrian L. Acosta said...

you looked like a bitchy Asian queen on Sunday night! lol

but you did look hot!

you were strutting that shit down Chelsea so hard I thought you was going to dislocate your hip girlfriend!