Friday, June 02, 2006

I Hate Waking Up Drunk

It's June! Whee! That means it's time to celebrate PRIDE month and Gemini birthdays!

Happy Birthday Geminis! Let's celebrate!

Oops, too late, I already started. Last night I attended a 'Gemini Birthday Bash' at OWs, where I got to catch up with a few friends I haven't seen in ages. After some delicious finger food and drinks, I was ready to celebrate another Gemini's birthday at Splash; it was Campus Thursdays, and since I still look young (thank you Asian genes) and hot (thank you Abercrombie jeans) enough to pass being a college student, I got us in for free.

Fun was had by all; and after a few $3 Long Island, things started to become blurry. The few moments of clarity in the haze I call 'memories' are:

  1. getting splashed when someone threw a drink at the person standing next to me - and me thinking how I'd like nothing more than putting his nose through the back of his head,
  2. reaching the train station and realizing that my bag was still at the coatcheck,
  3. and singing loudly while on the train so I don't fall asleep and miss my stop (again).

And while I'm on the topic of drunken gayziness, I'll be headed to GB:NYC - III shortly. That's the annual gay blogger gettogether. I think this year there's going to be awards given out. Or I just made that up. You'll just have to come and find out! And yes, I will be taking pictures.

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gurustu said...

You know for a third year anniversary you're supposed to bring leather... should make it interesting.

Have fun and I hope you remember it (or at least remember to bring the camera home)