Monday, June 19, 2006

True Colors

Cyndi Lauper is a transman. Just ask anyone else who attended Broadway Bares 16: New York Strip.

Her true colors? Pink and glittery. And 10 inches long.1 Hee!

But seriously, she did an awesome rendition of True Colors; and so did all five thousand of her backup singers. I'll admit that I joined in right along (although I barely knew the words to the chorus) and even got a little misty eyed. Damn you mob mentality!!

But the real highlight of the night? Bumping into her while she partook in the tipping2! Squeal!

1 Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures; but I'm sure they'll surface soon enough.
2 At the end of the show, the audience is encouraged to grope tip the performers to raise even more money!


Tuna Girl said...

I got all teared up too. The lyrics are just a little too close to home. And didn't she look good?

Fun to see you last night!

Jon said...

I saw Cyndi in the revival of '3 Penny Opera' which was pretty horrible, but she is great in general. I like the rawness of her voice

Anonymous said...

It's weird how everyone seems so split about 3PO,

It must be one of those things
you either love or hate,
anyway everyone agrees Cyndi and the rest of the Cast do a great job.

Here's some good reviews the show got.,9171,1194034,00.html,0,7997017.story?coll=hce-headlines-theaterreviews,,1759134,00.html

I hope they do release a cast album b/c everyone agrees the music and songs are great,

I've read that Cyndi should be singing the "Pirate Jenny" song
instead of Nellie McKay
(Nellie's very good in the show but Cyndi could belt that song out better).