Friday, June 23, 2006

Pride Week Recap

A lot has been going on.. and I've been going on a lot - but not on this blog, obviously. But it's Friday now; so I'm going to take this opportunity to diverge from my work responsibilities (shh!) and play catch up. After all, it is Pride Week - don't make me start a riot. Read more [+/-]

Don't Bruise the FruitLast Saturday, I attended and participated in the Anti-Violence Project's March Against Hate Crimes, otherwise known as the "This is New York City Bitch; You Can't Fuck With Us" march. Approximately 500 people showed up, including our host, Hedda Lettuce.

Meeting Jason earlier that morning, we headed to the location where Kevin Aviance was attacked (where the march starts), 14th st. and 1st ave, and met up with Crash and Charles. As the march began making its way down 13th street, the police quickly realized that the sheer amount of people could not (would not?) be limited to marching on the sidewalk.

So, with police escorting, we continued on, turning down 7th ave, to Christopher St park. Hedda continued her jib and then Kevin made an appearance; but after he left, so did we.

Rock HardOn Sunday, after a quick jaunt through the Renegade Craft Fair and a little bit of dim sum, I took Jason, my roommate, and my new girlfriend to Folsom Street East X! I wasn't as scared this time as I had more bodies to hide behind if some leather daddy came and tried to spank me. The sun was pounding down on us mercilessly and I felt sorry for the people in leather. It's hot, so you sweat, so the leather gets tighter, and you get even hotter. What a vicious cycle. Especially the one fellow with full scuba gear on - what's that all about?

Later that night, I went to my first Broadway Bares! (Thanks Charles!) It was a pleasure of running into mak (and his bf), patrick (and his gf, tunagirl), and even Crash too!

The show was great; incredibly entertaining, fun, and downright scandalous. It took me forever to find (and tip) that scantily clad hunk with the huge bat - and I was completely oblivious to the dancer who spread eagle right in front of me as I reached past him to bat-boy's undies; until he yelled at me, "Hello! I do this and you're going to tip him?!" Oops.

ReflectionTuesday, I went to the WYSIWYG Talent Show - Way Gay: Even Gayer Gay Gayness at the Bowery Poetry Club, where I lovingly bumped into evilbuddha, mike p, cscfon, david, and jake. I missed the first performer, but the rest of the show didn't disappoint. A lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and very gay.

One told a story about being told he bore resemblance to a Village Person on TV - something I could relate to, err, not the Village Person part. One spoke about dating mishaps - something I could also relate to. One spoke of "Good Butch" and "Bad Butch" then proceeded to recite rap lyrics. One performer spoke about going to an ex-gay camp - of which I couldn't relate too as I was so entranced by his work uniform: whitey tighties. Pictures here - you figure it out.

I went back to the Bowery Poetry Club on Wednesday for House of Xavier's Glam Slam 2006. Met mike p. there, had a beer, had some fun.

LA Pride MarchersYesterday (Thursday), my company had a GLBT networking event; though I missed him at the event, a high ranking officer of my group was there. Being so low in the pecking order, I've never met the guy, so I had no idea who he was. But he's gay! And after some 'research', I found out that he had just recently stepped out of the closet (and to my surprise, it turns out that a lot of other people in my company did the same - but I'm not one to gossip). Interesting.

After work was another company networking event at Vlada - they have delicious vodkas by the way. Then volunteer training at the Center (I'll be volunteering for Dance on the Pier 20 this Sunday! Come say 'Hi!'); Gym bar with Crash, kvn, patrick, and tunagirl; and ending the night at Splash.

Whew! It was a great week. Now I hope it doesn't rain on my parade.

Happy Pride ya'll!

See more pictures from my LA trip, AVP Rally, and Folsom Street East X.


Jess said...

Wow, you had quite a nice time, didn't you? Good job!

Jon said...

I totally hate crime! I hate crime so much cuz it sucks and stuff ^_~

Wayne said...

My.... you have so much energy to burnt.

Yesterday at the pride, we were all burnt out at the end.... not sure if it was the weather or that we drooled too hard.

But it looked you had a great time. :)

David said...

It was great slinging drinks with you. Good times.