Wednesday, June 07, 2006

GB:NYC 3 Wrapup

GB:NYC 3I was SO excited when I found out the whole gay blog-o-sphere wanted to get together to celebrate my birthday. Then I realized it coincided with Gay Bloggers: New York City 3. Still, very cool nonetheless.

Friday was drinks at Barrage, where I got to meet some familiar and some new faces, like Bob, Sean, and Michael. I obstained from drinking as the effects of Thursday night were still alive and well.

The rain carried on into Saturday, which made it hard to attend the picnic I had planned to go to; which also meant that I didn't get to see that special St. Petersburgian. However, the arrival of another out of towner had cheered up (and blow me away).

Later that night, some more bloggers were headed to The Eagle to continue in the debauchery. I was estatic. The only other time I went was during Folsom East last year; and that time, I wasn't 'prepared' for it. This time, I was determined to dress for the part (the best I knew how with my current wardrobe); and what that means was wearing a leather cuff around my wrist and a leather belt around my neck.


Whatever, it was hot. And the night was awesome. I even spotted the 'I like your ASS-sets' guy (luckily he didn't recognize me).

By 12:00 am, it was officially my birthday and I made sure that everyone knew it. Ah, there's nothing like drunk hugs, I tell ya. Though no one thought to buy me a drink (Ha! I blew up all your spots!).

After a few hours of not being forced to binge drink until my liver failed, my new straight girlfriend called me up to another party. My roommate was there also, and surprisingly, no one there bought me drinks either. Has buying birthday drinks gone the way of leg warmers, out of fashion? WTF man, wtf.

But then again, I never need alcohol to have fun. And now, my pictures!


Jon said...

The Eagle? Did you drink piss out of a trough? I kind of think leather people are lame, but at the same time, I'm very much to each his/her own.

GrooveTheory said...

I'm glad you had a fab b-day. You deserved it! I just wished I came ... MF'ing weather!

Anyway, sweet pix!

RcktMan Rick said...

It was so great to meet you, Jase.. .I only wish we could have hung out more and longer. :( Next time I'm in the area I'll let you know. :)

Anonymous said...

Who's your new straight girlfriend? I thought I was the only one!!! I guess you need one in every port ... glad you had a great birthday! - Sheila from Down Under