Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Are You Kidding Me?!

I just knew what was coming when Boopy and I were walking down Irving Place, hand in hand, and I notice one "tank-top wearing, loose-pant hanging, wanna-be thug" white boy look at his friend and make a nod towards us. (Funny, his friend didn't seem to care.) As we passed them, under some scaffolding, I heard him start at a whisper, "Fags."

At first we just continued walking, but his calls became louder and more creative. "Faggity fags!" "Fucking faggity fags!" I'd had enough.

"Are you kidding me?!" I thought to myself. Then turning to face Boopy, aghast, and said quite loudly, "Fuck! That hick back there is right! You are a fag! I better go find me some pussy, posthaste!" With our verbal assaulter stunned silent, I continued, "Who am I kidding?! I like dick as much as that hickity hick says he doesn't!" and engaged in a round of tonsil hockey with my Boopy.

Okay, that last paragraph didn't happen; it was one of a dozen scenarios playing through my head (another includes a chainsaw) as we made our way to the movie theater, holding each others' hand tighter. Honestly, ignoring and avoiding confrontation is the best solution to that situation. You never know what they might be hiding in their pocket or how many friends they have around the corner. Especially if you realize you left your mace (and/or chainsaw) in your other murse. It's scary to think that we were only a few blocks where Kevin Aviance was assaulted.

Anyway, we saw The Night Listener - ohh.. this movie is delicious.

Addendum: If you were a victim of a GLBT bias crime, be sure to give the Anti-Violence Project a call at (212) 714-1141. (Thanks Crash)


GrooveTheory said...

You know ... we can joke about it now, but personally, I still could never understand that. The last time I was verbally assaulted, I, too ignored the hoodlum, but that doesn't mean I wasn't hurt. I was so emotionally distressed, I went through a one-way street and not realizing it until after the fact.

You would think by now, we would develop some sort of armour against these stupid fucks, but a strong armour is just not couture enough, right?

Aaron said...

"Fucking faggity fags"?

Seriously? That's the gayest thing I ever heard.

I'm glad you played it safe. I've been in too many fights that may or may not have proved nothing except that I'm really lucky to never have been seriously hurt.

Crash said...

You should call AVP and report it. Every bit of evidence they can record about things like this is helpful.

Robert said...

How many times have I told you to wear your rape whistle while you're out!!!! Damnit! Owait.... Yeah, but you can still use it!

My friend and I were at the mall and some friggin' punks were calling us fruitloops [maybe the fact that at the time my friend was wearing a Chanel backpack, I dunno!?!], and I was F-U-R-I-O-U-S!!! I chased them down a bit before they ran off.. Course my potty mouthin' was going all different directions!!!!

Ugh! I totally lose it when I get into situations like that! Glad you two were okay!

Harlis Dinwiddie said...

I appalled! You used the word "hick"??

Adrian L. Acosta said...

You ARE a FAG!

You should have yelled back

"Sorry, I'm already taken!"

glad you're still alive.


Joe said...

A friend of mine was walking down the street one time when two guys walking by called him a Fag and he turned around and screamed out "DUH?!?"

Jess said...

You were smart and mature to walk away. I know how angry you must have been.

Now, remember that old line about living well being the best revenge? My personal view of that is that when you encounter such Neanderthals, you should think of how much their lives suck, especially compared to the contentment in your own. If they're not paying the price now, they soon will be. They'll never taste the good life. They'll live in their hate-filled, petty little worlds forever. The good people in this world, from whom they could obtain real joy, will never associate with them. They'll never have the best of things, and they'll never be happy. Without having seen these particular goons you encountered, I feel certain that all of this is true.

tribecatexan said...

I would have turned around, snapped his picture....and then post it on craigslist. Now that'd teach him!