Monday, August 14, 2006

Midday (a)Musings

Sitting in front of the computer at work, I thought up the following situation that totally cracked me up: Read more [+/-]

Now that I'm working so close to Korea town in Manhattan, I've finally figured out what to ask those Christian missionary types when they approach me to find out if I've found the Lord and Savior,

"If God created Adam and Eve, and both Adam and Eve were white, where do Koreans come from?"

I'm sure that'll catch them by surprise. And when they start to formulate an answer (that is, if their brains don't implode first), I'll scream,


And walk away.


GrooveTheory said...

I was actually picturing you actually saying this and that cracked me up :) LOL

Tuna Girl said...

But give them a big smooch befroe you walk away. That's always fun. ;-)

tribecatexan said...

kissing a hot mormon!

Robert said...

Hah! Hah!

David said...

I love it, but I doubt it would go over so well if someone like me used that line.

Adrian L. Acosta said...

God Jase, your ignorance is offensive sometimes. Everyone knows that Adam and Eve were Black that's how black Jesus came about.



Deviant said...

That is funny, but....GREAT SCOTT Jase, you won't habeeb this.

I have found your evil twin (like that Star Trek episode), here check him out.

Bizarro jase!

Signalite said...

I want to watch so I can see their brains implode. That would be sweet. Wee!