Monday, January 29, 2007

Apartment Hunting

Looking for an apartment is going to drive me crazy; dealing with brokers, listings, craigslist, citycribs, fees, no fees, nofees but some sort of fee; sifting through all the crap to find a decent listing, to find out that it's already rented and they just don't update their website; running into a dead end because everything is available immediately (whereas I have a March 1st move date).

Maybe I'm starting to look too early? That's what I've been told. But it never hurts to be prepared, right?

So just in case you can help me along, I'm looking for a 2 bedroom apt around $2000 in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn (along the L train). Contact me via email or comments!

Now, since you're so kind enough to help me, I'll share some fun facts about my hunting so far:

Interesting note 1: I came across the website,, where Matt has some valuable Manhattan real estate facts. You can also buy a directory of no fee buildings. However, two attempts to contact him have been unanswered, and his license number (listed at the bottom) can't be found through the NYS Division of Licensing Services website. Hmm.

Creepy phone call 1: This guy literally had me on the phone for a good 10 minutes after I told him that his advertised apartment didn't sound like a good fit for me. Creepy quote #1: "You have a really sexy voice. Really sexy."


Lee said...

I was out of NYC and here in AZ both I had to deal with trying to find my own place there (I was living in my parents' apt...I was just 18) so I've NO idea how to deal with the apparently gradoo that one has to go through. It's so much easier and cheaper out here.

I've contemplated moving back off and on over the past year but it scares me when I read of people's "war stories" about the process. I'm just glad at least I've got a decent credit history.

Lee said...

" AZ both I had to deal..."

Er, make that "in AZ before I had to deal..." And ignore that -ly at the end of "apparently"

Jon said...

Ouch. NYC apartment hunting is such a pain in the ass. My advice is:

1) have all your paperwork, such as photo copy of drivers license, paystub, letter from employer stating salary, most recent W2, and letter from current landlord ready before you go see apts

2) brokers, while annoying, will do much of the work for you. in the end, it's worth it, even though they charge a fee

3) craigslist can be sketchy to say the least, though I know some people who have rented sucessfully

Robert said...

Now why are you moving?? Are you and your Boopy moving in together? If so, awh!!! If not, then why not? :-)

I did not know that you have a 'really sexy' voice'. mmm...

Will said...

Your blog has a really sexy font. Really sexy.

MzOuiser said...

Did you find a place? Your tagline on Google talk has changed...