Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Little Qr

Congrats to friend and fellow blogger, Kvn! His dreams are about to come true: His little Qr mag is about to hit it big - publication and distrubtion! Sweet!

Remember, you heard it here first! (Don't mind the little blurbs found here or here.)

Additionally, a piece I wrote might make it to the first issue, making me a published writer! Woohoo!

On the same note, I bought Showgirls a few days ago and had Kvn over for a showing. It was the first time we've seen it in its entirety; and oh my is it good. We couldn't stop laughing.

Jesse Spano is as 'exciting' as ever! But you already knew that.

Rock on sugar momma!

(Note: The clip is NOT from Showgirls, though I can see how you might get confused.)


Kevin said...

I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I--I'm so SCARED!!!

Robert said...

When you guys were watching Showgirls, did you scream out "Pepperoni's!" when she was showing her boobs?

Erik said...

That is some of the best acting ever. Awesome clip.