Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Today is 人日. That's the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, when everyone turns a year older. So Happy Birthday to you!

In following my 'I don't buy into Valentine's Day' tradition, I'm going to tell you about my day at Jury duty instead.

It was boring. And to my surprise, the clerk has to be one of the nicest person in the world! I thought all city employees were jaded.

No offense.

In actuality, the whole jury duty experience was even bearable - quite a change since I last participated. They now have Wi-Fi access! But being able to bring my laptop wasn't the best part of the day; they let us go early!

Worst part? Getting up before 9am has made me susceptible to the flu. Ugh. Nyquil, here I come!


Flo said...

What a coincidence. I had jury duty on the same week!

iiltweet said...

ive been sick too! ugh. quarantined at home for 5 straight days and i'm still ill. *sigh